Hinterland has completed the majority of then-aspirational roadmap [UPDATE]

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This is the second topic from the first topic but the admin has not read my message to unlock it (I'm unable to edit the main post) sadly so I am making a new similar thread. I hope this is ok!

Background: Since TLD's release to EARLY ACCESS, the development team also released an ASPIRATIONAL roadmap (it's like a roadmap with zero promises to deliver anything from it). Around (May) 2017, the community started to accuse the team of not delivering their "promises" (they were not promises at all) from the roadmap, prompting the team to remove the roadmap entirely as it gave false impressions.

Regardless, I managed to scavenge the roadmap or whatever left of it. It is evident that the team managed to implement most of it since its removal which is impressive!


Moose - IMPLEMENTED as of Dec 2017.

Cougar - MOST LIKELY IN THE WORKS. Has been talked several times and hinted by Raphael on twitter right before and after Moose release. 

Improved Cooking; more of the cooking action happens in-game (vs. in menus); cooking happens in game-time (i.e. not accelerated time), so you can multi-task. - IMPLEMENTED as of June 2018.

Frostbite affliction - IMPLEMENTED as of Dec 2016.

Axe (tool) - UKNOWN. No information since ever, likely DENIED.

Wellbeing system (i.e. mental/emotional cost of survival; “willpower locket” fits in here) - DENIED.

Aurora gameplay effects & hazards - IMPLEMENTED as of Aug 2017.

Widespread narrative collectibles - IMPLEMENTED as of Aug 2017.

Backer naming and writing rewards integrated into game world - IMPLEMENTED as of Aug 2017.

Primitive firemaking skill (ex. bow-drill) - UNKNOWN BUT A SKILL OF BOW HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED.

Improved first-person presence (low-hanging fruit) - IMPLEMENTED on an unknown date.

Improved Sprains - IMPLEMENTED as of May 2019.

Improved Infections - IMPLEMENTED on an unknown date.

New Clothing system & all new Clothing assets - IMPLEMENTED as of Dec 2016.

NPCs in the Sandbox - MOST LIKELY IN THE WORKS. Has been talked several times on Raphael's twitter and there was a hint to raidings by raids. Most likely a gameplay option prior starting a new save file.

Parley system - UNKNOWN.

Improved firemaking (blowing mechanic; first-person presence) - UNKNOWN.

Revolver - IMPLEMENTED as of May 2019.

Non-map based Navigation system - IMPLEMENTED as of June 2017.

Knowledge system - IMPLEMENTED as of Aug 2017 ONLY for STORY MODE. UNKNOWN if it will go to SURVIVAL MODE.

Improved first-person presence (more complex interactions) - UNKNOWN.

Snowshoes or Nordic skis? - UNKNOWN, presumably DENIED. Do CRAMPONS (Dec 2020) count?

Steam Trading Cards - IMPLEMENTED as of Aug 2017.
Spring Sandbox - DENIED. This is due to the fact it will need a complete game overhaul which is more like creating a SEQUEL (TLD 2) rather than an update.
Moving water - IMPLEMENTED as of June 2018. HUSHED RIVER VALLEY.
Full-season survival Sandbox (transitioning from season to season) - DENIED. SAME FOR SPRING SANDBOX.
New travel options (Canoe, Horse) - UNKNOWN. I think it has been discussed on Raphael's Twitter but nothing came out of it.
Seamless world streaming - UNKNOWN
Long-distance travel - UNKNOWN


Most of these stuff have been implemented post-EA launch. Some are denied and many are, currently, unknown whether they will be implemented or not.

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I am not unduly concerned.  Creating such a game is very dynamic.  Things change and people priorities change.  What seemed a good idea  a few years ago might seem of lower priority now.

After playing the game for 3-4 years I still find it the best game that I have every played.  I am happy to see HTL develop the game as they see fit without too much external pressure,



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Let's be honest, the game is (according to most devs these days and how they make games) content complete for a while now. Other developers might/would have stopped adding anything besides new story mode chapters. In any case, how nice that you recovered that list!

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