How many crates/boxes do YOU "open"?


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Earlier this evening, I was wondering to myself what the rate is for items spawning "inside" (actually under, right?) wooden crates and cardboard boxes, and if it was actually worth it to bother with them.

Immediately after having this thought and deciding to ask about it here, I "opened" a crate near the Mountain Town plane crash site and found a pair of Combat Pants.¬†ūüė≤

Looks like I'm going to "open" crates a lot more often.

Does the same "stuff might spawn under them" possibility hold for cardboard boxes as well?

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16 hours ago, straffin said:

Does the same "stuff might spawn under them" possibility hold for cardboard boxes as well?

From my recollection, I can't recall finding much under cardboard.  I have seen items that are slightly buried inside some open ones but you can access them without breaking it down.

If I had to estimate the percentage of green crates/boxes that I have found items under, I would venture a guess of 2%.  I keep telling myself, the next new run I start, to note locations that do have items under the crates.  I can think of a couple I've found recently:


FM - Old Spence Farmstead, Milton Basin - Hermit's Cabin

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Surprising at times at how many objects can be located behind or under crates.  You find more items at lower difficulty levels, ie. pilgrim and voyager but sometimes the loot can be very useful.  Used to be able to find a rifle and backpack for example behind three crates in Hibernia Fish Processing although I haven't looked there in a while.  As to cardboard, maybe sometimes under or behind a box, but never under a sheet of broken down cardboard, although if I recall correctly I did find a skill book once under a cardboard sheet in a house in Mountain Town.  

I'd say that if you have the time to harvest and it doesn't present you with a hardship, break down as many crates and cardboard boxes as possible because you can always just drop the reclaimed wood and tinder plugs in a big ole pile for easy retrieval the next time.

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Adding information to @Serenity's list:

* TWM summit: if you don't find matches and accelerant lying around in the plane they're in one of the crates. 

* BR maintenance yard: Up the inclined plank, sometimes you find wool ear wraps there. If you go down again, up on the plateu the first crate you encounter on the floor usually contains some food. The crate just outside the office room sometimes has content too. 

* Spence Farmstead: area under the bed. 

* Do we have any in Ash Canyon?

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