"Hitbox" Issue Rabbit In Traps?

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I notice that often when I have trapped a rabbit and I put my cursor over the rabbit to pick it up I have to float my cursor around until I find the "hitbox" area where I can interact (take, move) the rabbit and this area is usually a distance away from the rabbit. It seems worse when the rabbit trap is on a slope but does occur on flat ground also. It would be so much easier and more intuitive to just put the cursor over the rabbit and to be able to interact with it.

Nothing major, just thought that I'd mention it. Has anyone else experienced this?

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@The Orange Birb

Agreed, the skewed hit-boxes for interacting with items has been a bit problematic with these last few updates.  Since folks have many good screenshots collected, I'd suggest they open a ticket via the Support Portal.  That way (in case they are not already) the Hinterland Team can track and hopefully fix those issues.

Since @xAnAngelOfDeathx opened the latest thread (and there have been a few of these now)... I will also try to remember to start grabbing screenshots and submit a ticket also. :)

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edited to use more general terms... if a number of folks are reporting similar issues, it may raise the prority in their list of bugs to troubleshoot.
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On 3/17/2021 at 4:34 PM, xAnAngelOfDeathx said:

when I have trapped a rabbit

I would agree with all above, with one addition: not only the trapped, but also with stoned rabbits I encounter the same.
It happened multiple times, that while I managed to run there, by the time I found the right hitbox it ran away.
Also with shot deer and wolf, and only noticed it since the latest updates.

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