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  1. I've never seen the sky this green. Like sometimes the sky gets a bit green before an Aurora happens but the sky just randomly turned green like this and there wasn't an Aurora on that day. Pretty interesting!
  2. Not sure where I would post this but this is a forum for screenshots so I will put it here. I was able to beat the "Whiteout" Challenge on my first try in under one in-game week, which I was pretty happy!
  3. Well, I played the event again! (Most likely for the very last time). I was able to get the 'Straight To The Heart' feat, which I went from 20% done on the badge before the Darkwalker event started to fully unlocking the feat. Instead of dying to the Darkwalker in this run, I just decided to jump off a mountain in Mystery Lake (Right by the watchtower). I'm pretty happy and I've played this event around 7 times (Posted 5 of them, including this post, the other 2 were just coffee runs), so I'm set!
  4. For my most recent run, I was able to survive for 5 hours and 50 minutes and I got all 10 pages! I was able to beat my previous score of 4 hours and 39 minutes, which for that run, I got 9 pages.
  5. Did another run, which for this one, I decided to go for all 10 pages, which I did! I was able to survive for 5 hours and 50 minutes as well, which was pretty cool!
  6. I decided to play the event again after the hotfix they did, which for this run, I just focused on getting as much coffee, emergency stims, and energy drinks as I could (So I can unlock the 'Straight To The Heart' feat). I was able to get ~30 coffees, ~7 energy drinks, and 1 emergency stim and used all of them to get closer and closer to getting that badge/feat. I was also able to get 8 pages in this run, which was pretty cool!
  7. So it was Halloween so I wanted to play the event again, which this time, I got 9 out of the 10 pages!
  8. Hinterland, thanks for this event! I would have to say that this is one of the best events yet and I had a lot of fun playing it! I was able to get both badges, the feat, and lasted for a bit more than 3 hours in one run, which was great!
  9. Good luck on your run! I had a ton of fun in this event and I would say it is one of the best events yet! I loved how difficult the event was, how it was actually a scary experience, and how much planning you have to do in a very short amount of time.
  10. I agree as well, the Darkwalker event was amazing in my opinion. Like at one point you will feel you are safe but a minute later you could be running for your life. I also liked how difficult the event was, as you really had to plan which path you wanted to take, make sure you get out of the region in time but at the same time making sure you had enough resources, make sure you don't get too close to the Darkwalker (So you don't lose all of your food. Yes, if the Darkwalker gets close, all of your food will turn into 0% condition with 0 calories), and make sure you get the pages in each region. I would have to say this is one of the best events yet and I'm thankful Hinterland came up with this idea!