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  1. So far I have managed to survive 365 days (1 Year) in my current Voyager run. This is what I have at my home base (At the Camp Office in Mystery Lake) so far:
  2. Darkwalker's "running" speed when you have 0-1 pages: Darkwalker's running speed when you have all 10 pages and you are heading towards Ash Canyon:
  3. Don't just wait when waiting for food/water to be cooked (Unless if you have absolutely nothing to do). While food/water is cooking, you can do other tasks instead of just doing nothing/waiting it out. For example, you can repair your clothes, turn birch saplings into arrow shafts, craft arrows, repair your tools/weapons, etc. This will make sure that you use every minute effectively and having to not waste time on doing those tasks some other time when you can do those tasks while the food/water is cooking. Don't carry a rope around (If you don't plan on going somewhere that require
  4. Sounds like an interesting idea. I'll probably give it a shot after the trip to TWM and AC. Only problem is: If a blizzard comes out of no where or all of the animals just decide to not show up for some odd reason, then that can lead to some problems. However, it is a challenging/fun idea. You can say that again lol. Currently I'm at around Day 360 and going from Day 350 to 400 seems like a while. However, Day 500 will come eventually.
  5. Don't forget to crouch while harvesting an animal. Just recently in my run, I was harvesting a deer while crouched, which out of no where a wolf appeared. Thankfully I had all of the meat dropped on the ground beforehand (Like I mentioned on a previous tip) and I was crouched, as if I didn't do that, I would most likely have an encounter with the wolf. However, I just threw a rock (To make it walk towards a certain direction) and I got some free wolf meat with the deer meat I had. Don't forget that you can refill jerry cans while cooking fish. If you don't have a jerry can and y
  6. (Stalker difficulty or below) Don't forget to pick up your shell casings from firing a weapon (Rifle/Revolver casings). This works differently for the rifle and revolver. For the rifle, whenever you fire the weapon, a rifle shell casing will be dropped on the ground. For the revolver, once you reload your weapon, then (between 1-6) shell casings will be dropped to the ground. Make sure you pick these up, as you can craft ammo using those shell casings (You will also need gunpowder and bullets, which bullets can be crafted from scrap lead from hacksawing car batteries) at the ammunition wo
  7. I don't plan to go for that achievement, as it's going to take way too long in my opinion. I went for some of the polaroids/vistas to get a good chunk of the map revealed in some of the regions but I haven't fully mapped each region.
  8. Ya I think that's what my problem is. I'm pretty much just staying at my home base at the Camp Office (In Mystery Lake) and it's getting really boring. I'll take your advice and go for that trip (To Timberwolf Mountain) quicker than I was planning. Along with that I can level up my rifle/revolver skills (To get them to level 5), so I will most likely do that after my trip to TWM and AC.
  9. Currently I am on Day 357 on my Voyager run and I am running out of ideas of what I should work on/what to do next. I'm trying to get the 500 day achievement (The Will to Live) and get all skills to level 5 achievement (Skilled Survivor). As I am getting those achievements (In the background), I'm not sure what I should work towards. So far, these are the regions I have fully explored, partially explored, and never explored: Fully explored (Areas where all loot has been taken): Broken Railroad, Forlorn Muskeg, Mountain Town (Milton), Mystery Lake (Homebase), Ravine, Costal Highway, C