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  1. Great to see that Episode 4 is finally here! Thanks Hinterland!
  2. Without spoiling too much of the experience: Don't use matches directly to start a fire. Find (Or craft a torch in the crafting menu) a torch, use 1 match to start the torch, and then use the torch to start a fire. This will save you A LOT of matches. Don't always try to keep your hunger bar full. You will only lose around 1% health (condition) per in-game hour, which is nothing. Instead, just eat enough food to sleep the night, which you will gain all of the health you lost (Ex: It should display something like 750 calories to sleep 11 hours, depending on your difficulty). D
  3. Alrighty this will make the Nomad challenge a lot easier to complete. Thank you for fixing that!
  4. Ya, I'm 400+ days into a survival save, had a previous one that went for ~100 days, played some challenges, and beat the story mode (As of right now). No one here is spreading misinformation. As I have mentioned, fishing tackle does not take much longer than a sewing kit, except for items like the Wolfskin Coat, etc. If you actually read my post, you would know. Here it is for you, as you clearly didn't read it for yourself: And have you considered how fishing tackle is actually FASTER when it comes to crafting animal clothing? Using the sewing kit for that would actually ma
  5. For a second I thought you took the same screenshot for the bridge photo but it's a tiny bit different (Look at the bridge to see what I mean). However, we took it at the same weather, general location, and same region. Nice!
  6. Nice! It's great that you added these tips to the wiki, as like you stated, it makes it a lot easier to read. Thanks!
  7. Wait a minute, smart phones don't work during the geomagnetic...