No giant fish in the magical pond (Pleasant Valley)


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I've been fishing for many days at the Magical Pond cabin from Tall Tales quest, and I've used up many fishing tackles, but I don't get a giant fish and can't close that quest.  I've cleared the fishing hole, and I kept fishing, but I only get the Fresh Lake Whitefish and the Fresh Smallmouth Bass.

What am I doing wrong?


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I saw a YT clip of someone catching it on their 2nd or 3rd attempt, so I know what it looks like, but I don't remember ever seeing it or seeing the name "giant fish".  But even if I somehow missed it and dropped it back into the fishing hole, I should probably still get it on the following attempts. 

If it took someone else 60 attempts then I should probably keep trying.

If it's really pure RNG with no upper limit of any kind, that's not great for the game play if it's tied to a quest.  Pure RNG means that some players may never get the fish and will give up on the quest. 

The simplest solution would be some kind of an upper limit to the number of attempts before getting the fish. 

A more interesting approach would be to leave the RNG, but make it so that the fish is more likely to appear under specific set of conditions e.g. time of day or weather type, combined with a specific action or trigger by the player.  This could be part of the story and the note about the magical pond. 

That would be my suggestion to the developer.  Thank you!



After multiple 12-hour fishing sessions, and many wasted fishing tackles, I was doing my very last attempt before giving up, when I finally got the Big Bass right at the end of the 12 hour timer.  This was NOT a fun experience, and I was convinced my game was bugged somehow.  It just sucked the fun out of playing the game TBH.

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