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  1. I have to agree with this. I enjoy playing this game because of it's roots in realism. With that in mind, I ask "if it was me, what would I do"? Spend a lot of time making latern fuel, or figure out a way to make candles or a type of grease lamp, or colonial style rushlight. I'd conserve my lantern fuel for caves (or use torches) and make some kind of small lighting device for wherever you are camping/staying put. Candles, grease lamp, or rushlight can all be made from rendered fat a heck of a lot easier than trying to make lantern fuel, if it is even possible.
  2. Recreational climbing vs trying to scale a large rock surface with a pack and bedroll (with possibly a rifle or bow) on are two very different things. Maybe they would have to also add a light weight rope so our guy can pull his gear up after he /she climbs?
  3. The only time this would be done is while packing it back to camp or home, and then it is usually wrapped in something to keep the sun and birds off it.
  4. I've shot different revovlers on and off since the late 1970's and the only problem I ever had was similar to yours; bad ammo. The one in the game looks to be modeled after what the RCMP carried and were made by Smith and Wesson. They were extremely reliable, especially in harsh conditions. It's a survival game. If your life depends on a firearm, you take care of it as IRL. In game revolvers won't jam as the RCMP's didn't, or do 99.99 % of all others. It is my opinion that the developers were proper with how the revolver functions. Reloaded ammo might be the only leg the OP has to s
  5. Sleeping on the floor or ground in below freezing temps. I'm sure the developers will get to that right after they allow us to stick our tongues on frozen metal.
  6. I'm wondering if they no longer degrade? I don't use them often, but have used them many times for short periods and they have yet to degrade any amount.
  7. I think that something like you described could be fun, but would not fit into this game (in my opinion). I like this game because of its roots in realism. My view of this game is that if I was trudging around in the frozen Canadian wilds with wolves trying to make a meal out of me, the last thing on my mind would be a pet bird. Catching and eating birds (especially crows) would be a very likely thought.
  8. Just guessing here; The giant fish is labled "Big Bass" when you catch it. Maybe you were looking for "Giant Fish" and did not click to keep it? Good luck to you.
  9. I really appreciate how the game "borrows" from reality. I get a kick out of doing things in this game that I have done in my life. I truely hope that this game inspires people to get off the couch and see nature. To live it, even if just a brief moment. Go camping or hiking. Something, just get out there. That, and the importance of having some food stocked up in your house.... 🙂
  10. Evidently you don't purchase many canned goods. Beverages and some canned meats are packed in aluminum cans, and we don't get cans from these in-game. Maybe the 'wiki" page you looked at told you all those supposed facts about cans, but I know that the soups, canned veggies, baked beans, and others I have here in my house are in fact what we call "tin" cans, not aluminum. The current aluminum shortage is negatively effecting the canned beverage industry, not the canned food industry. An overwhelming majority of canned foods in the world use steel cans, not aluminum. Your point is wrong be
  11. Who was talking about aluminum?
  12. From a realistic standpoint, there wouldn't be much you can do with tin cans. They are too thin for use as scrap metal.
  13. There were folks that wanted Fallout to be co-op and look how that turned out. A big no thanks for TLD co-op. Now a NPC or two thrown in (survivor mode), that could be interesting...