We need an optional rifle!!.

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It's troublesome to find a table to make a bullet in the game. So here's what I'm thinking. Since it's so troublesome to make bullets, why doesn't your rifle have an option? It's not very strong except for the bow. That's why I'm ingesting a weapon from the Hinterland team that can partially replace the rifle, at least a weapon that can scare off a wolf. Or you can also handle this problem by putting a bullet table in another location in a better position. 

Please consider this message. 

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Umm... the revolver is already a scare replacement for the rifle? That"s exactly what it was made for when it was introduced not too long ago. And both of those guns have extremely generous amount of bullets in the game world on Stalker, even before you start to think about bullet crafting. It's not like with arrows. I also think it would inflate the tension further if you could craft them anywhere and keep recycling the old ones after just using em

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Crafting ammunition, to a great extent (at least for me), changes the surival dynamic from a time when ammunition was hard to come by to one where, if one puts out the effort, one can largely have access to a substantial supply. 

The comparatively remote location of the (currently) only ammunition work bench on the map makes for some interesting considerations about what weapon to use.  For Ash Canyon, the journey for reloads make me think of the bow and arrow as a more viable weapon since arrows can be crafted there and I do not have to go to Bleak Inlet to reload shells. 

I presume you are suggesting the capacity to craft ammunition be tied strictly to the firearm?  If that is so, then Hinterland would have made crafting ammunition and advancing gunsmithing skill much, much more difficult. 

My sympathy for "ingesting a weapon from the Hinterland team..." 😲 

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I just suggested on the air that a version as powerful as a rifle should be made and that we could survive without this rifle. I think you misunderstood me yes the bow and arrow can be easily produced in nature, but the arrow can't scare a bear. But a rifle can do that. So I suggested they make the broadcast stronger, not that it work with gunpowder. I think they should do it. With new animals, of course. 

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