Preppers Cache at Skeeter's Ridge - Not Spawning?


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I thought this Prepper's Cache became a guaranteed spawn (at least when BRA is not Low) when they revamped Pleasant Valley, but today (after the Hesitant Prospect update) I've discovered it simply hasn't spawned there in my most recent start (BRA = High).  Perhaps I had the wrong impression... or is this a change with this update?  Does it possibly mean that the PV Prepper Caches will again spawn randomly in their other locations (as they did before the PV revamp)?

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1 hour ago, Hawk said:

The prepper cache at Skeeter's Ridge is one of the 9 random spawn points in PV. It did spawn all the time briefly after the Episode 3 update but that was fixed in a patch shortly after.

The cache near the rope to TWM is a constant, and the only one in the game, and the only one that will spawn anywhere in game in Interloper.

ML also has 9 possible spawn locations. None in Interloper.

No other region has these prepper caches.


Thanks for confirming that.  I guess I've just been really lucky and it's spawned there on any run that I've made it to PV to check for it since Episode 3 was released.  This is the first time I'll have to go hunting for it in one of the other locations... although I probably won't bother.  This run is pretty much going to be based in TWM and AC.  I spawned in TWM and just nipped over to PV to get some better clothes and supplies and was sort of counting on that cache being there.  Oh well, looting the plane for clothes made it still worth the trek.

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There are a ton of possible spawn points for that cache which stopped being a permanent spawn at skeeters ridge a while back.  Now it’s a challenge to find the cache and a question of what it will have in it.  I think they always have gun powder now, so that’s worth it even if it’s the firewood cache.  If you find the weapons cache (top of rope climb to radio station) you’ve hit the jackpot!  

theres a YouTube video where the guy runs around to all the spawn locations. 

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