What is in the hinterland store normally?


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Just now, Cr41g said:

from memory....been a while... shirts, sweaters, toques, mugs, Long dark art posters... there was a limited edition axe/hatchet at one time, but I am more of a trade axe / tomahawk kinda guy

Thanks🙂. Not much  call for an axe in a built up area like here though😀

It's be nice to see them though. 

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I want the bomber jacket that Will wears with his air service logo on the back. (Rabbit Air? I think.) I would pay anything to have one of those. Or a hoodie with the Hinterland logo on the back. I would rather that all stuff at the store is made in Canada and not China but that would make it so expensive. I would love to support Hinterland in this way. Oh yes, and Mukluks and Cowachin sweater.  But who could afford those? Hinterland is sensitive to the economies of the different realities of game players.

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On 5/12/2022 at 4:55 PM, Bearimpaler101 said:

I just used a hatchet for the first time today to cut some weeds down

How do you like the hatchet? I got one too, and it seems to do decent, but I find that I generally prefer the Hudson Bay axe I have for cutting wood and branches. It’s a bit bigger, but easy enough to pack around, and has a lot more heft than the hatchet. 

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On 6/12/2022 at 12:15 PM, Blizzard Walker said:

Is there a reason while the TLD store at Hinterland is still closed?

I think it originally closed due to covid, but at this point I’m assuming they have some other reason for still keeping it closed. Maybe it was taking too much time/resources to run or something? I’ve been really hoping for them to open it back up, but they don’t seem eager to share any details on it. 

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Supply chain from China to Canada is a bit broken is a likely cause.

also Canadians are not very happy with China since the 2 Michael's hostage taking. Maybe they are looking for other suppliers.  

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