I was thinking TLD difficulty levels in terms of DOOM difficulties...


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Pilgrim - I'm too young to die

Voyager - Hey, not too rough

Stalker - Hurt me plenty

Interloper - Ultra violence

Deadman - Nightmare


Agree? :D (I mean obviously it's not exactly so, as for example mastering TLD Loper is way harder than mastering DOOM Ultra (even Plutonia Experiment would be a stretch), but you know, this is for fun))

And in terms of traditional Easy-Medium-Hard used in games, I think it'd be

Pilgrim/Voyager - Easy

Stalker - Medium

Interloper/Deadman - Hard

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LOL, That is a good comparison.  Not too many games you could compare like that, but works here!  ha ha 
Doom being so ahead of it's time brought a sarcastic twisted sense of humor into their games and the difficulty settings were appropriately named for the game.
I think Hinterland's sense of humor in that aspect is just a little more reserved and the names they chose for the difficulty setting levels certain reflect that, but you gotta admit though, they are pretty darn clever.  


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