My first time in Bleak Inlet (Mild spoilers)


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(Mild Spoilers)

First time in Bleak Inlet, I'm overburdened like a pack mule with all the ammo crafting supplies from all the other maps. 🐫

Aaaarg a rope climb to get down. Takes me 3 up-and-down trips. 

I inch my way to the cannery, shooting dead at least 6 timberwolves. At one point they file out of the cannery fence in an orderly line & I pick off at least 3.

What a bizarre layout to this place.

Another frickin rope!!! Grrrr. I drop all my tools & first aid: still 3 trips up the rope to bring up all my lead.


Look. That platforming segment is cute & all... feels good to beat it once & luck into an aurora... but crafting ammo is taking so long I have to keep exiting to carve up some timberwolves for food. Having to do that course over & over is a punishment that belongs in a different game. 😰

Oh & I left my cans at the cabins. Which are guarded by a bear. 🤦‍♀️

I've now had to parkour that nonsense SIX FREAKING TIMES! In one visit! Hinterland, just let me drop a board or something, have mercy. 🤣

Ammo crafting is SUPER awesome. Takes time but feels valuable. The sound effects are great- that little grit sound of the gunpowder... *chef's kiss*

Seeing my ammo collection slowly balloon back up is so great. 

I need more lead. MOAR!! 🔫

Love this.

The timberwolves don't love my gunslinging. 😎

Looking forward to finishing the crafting & exploring more!!


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🤦‍♀️I just realized I could have got my supplies past the obstacle course in WAY fewer trips.

- Bring everything while encumbered to the foot of the rope in the warehouse.

- Drop everything above limit.

- Climb rope.

- Drop most inventory on platform above rope.

- Climb down rope.

- Pick up remaining items.

- Climb rope. Pick up everything at the top. You are now over encumbered.

- Make way across obstacle course to ammo crafting.


Gaaah I can't believe I did the obstacle course with each inventory-limit size load. I could have just repeated the very short rope climb part. Doh!

Grrr I could have done this with all those sweet sweet timberwolf steaks too. Omg I'm kicking myself. 🤣

That scrap lead... so heavy. 😂

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15 minutes ago, TiffTastic said:


Yeah, after 200+ days on voyager, I had a lot of empty shells collected. And I pack-muled all my ammo crafting supplies from my bases in almost all the other main regions, over to the cannery. So... It was an epic process lol.

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Yeah, the old Bleak Inlet parkour course can get so annoying after you're forced to run it a few dozen times.  I tried making it a base camp during one of my walkabouts but the repetitive grind of getting in and out through the obstacle course eventually soured the idea for me.  So 250 rounds is an impressive amount of fabrication!  You now have a good amount of ammo for sure.  At least when you leave your weight burden will have been substantially reduced.  If you transit via the cave system, I do believe you can avoid any rope climbs and walk out connecting easily to FM and then onward to your final destination!

on a side note, I'd strongly advocate honing those archery skills.  considering the abundance of birch and maple saplings scattered about the island, you have potential 1000's of projectiles at your disposal.  Considering you can shoot a newly crafted arrow almost a dozen times before it breaks and then can still harvest the arrowhead when broken makes the archery component of the game is such a superior weapon to both the rifle and the revolver.  Especially when you reach level 5 and are able to crouch and fire.  Now when I play a new survival game, I try to gather and salvage as many arrows as I can find because even the broken ones have value.  

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I carried a lot of stuff to the Cannery.  Being in Pilgrim I didn't have to worry about the timberwolves, but the long path to get to the cannery pier did wear on me as I did it a good number of times.   I did not have anywhere like the cartridge cases you must have had.  I had maybe 30 of each type.  Up until the devs fixed the aurora for save games where it did not happen, I had been very cautious about using ammunition in this particular sandbox.   

If you have the time or inclination, you might check the beach combing area by the fallen lighthouse island.  If you're lucky, you might be very pleasantly surprised by what washed up.  If you're very lucky, what washes up might be repeated regularly.  

Good luck. 

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On 10/10/2020 at 10:18 PM, piddy3825 said:

on a side note, I'd strongly advocate honing those archery skills.  

Good advice. I've been steadily practising on bunnies because they don't run away with your arrow! (I lost a few arrow heads that way... grrrr.)

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