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  1. Yeah, he's easy to spot. Wind is often blowing into shore, so that helps. Seen it roam all the way to the bridge and behind the cottages sometimes. He'll be good eating after Cooking Mastery. Those shots are from a custom settings guy with scarce and diminishing wildlife, so saving bears for later on. In the meantime I've been dodging them in Winter's Embrace: Maybe he's just scratching his back on the trailer...
  2. View from the outer fishing hut looking back to shore on Bleak Inlet. I like fishing there, though firewood gathering means longer walks once all the cannery wood is chopped up and gone.
  3. Okay. I guess I should have said, "I don't bother speculating on what gets boring for most players because why should I care?" If you get bored, do something else. Which many people did apparently. Good for them. 🙂
  4. I've found another 2 cents. Might as well spend it: I suggested ignoring feat progression because you gave it as the reason not to try custom settings for your wolf issue. If you want to change the wolf situation, custom settings is the way. 🤷‍♂️ I tend not to bother speculating on what gets boring for most players, because how would I know? I do know that I've not been bored. In fact, the lack of goals (outside of survival) is one of the characteristics of The Long Dark that make it so great. It's a refreshingly harsh virtual element. You're either going to fail to survive, or if you do manage to keep yourself going, Virtual Mother Nature doesn't care at all that you're bored. Bwahahahahahaaa!! 😄 🌬️🥶 🦌 Your ideas for endgame scenarios are good tho. I've often wished I could fix up a boat and sail the seas. Perhaps the game's indifference stimulates our human tendency to come up with stuff like that.
  5. The lack of feat progression in custom games comes up a lot. My 2 cents: You don't need em.* They make the game easier, anyway. Or: Have 2 survivors going. One after those cool looking feat badges, and another in custom settings, searching out that 'just right for you' wolf balance. 😀🐺🐺🐺 *ok, the fire master feat is nice to have. Starting at skill 1 each time really blows.
  6. Ah. Well, my bad then. 🙂🙃 I thought you were referring to enhancing screenshots to recover an in game look.
  7. I love hobbies! Indeed, the dollars I've spent have faded to insignificance. I like to paint landscapes, so the true value for me is akin to getting permission to scout around on private land. The Long Dark is virtually an endless study of perspective, mood, and color, among other things. And my real feet stay dry. 😉
  8. That’s a bummer. I’m on Steam. On my old pc, I played on low res game settings and could get away with f12 screenshots that were only kilobytes in size, but still looked just like in game. Now I’m using f10 which gives higher res shots (usually around 10mb)
  9. I’ll have to disagree on that point, at least on my end. I’ve taken hundreds and haven’t experienced any diminished detail from game to screenshot. A dark foggy night in game is a dark foggy shot. Details are low in both, but not less in the screenshot. Perhaps on the kb / mb level there is a difference, but I’ve never felt let down by it.
  10. Are you guys on phones or using your computer monitors? The foggy shots of the broken structures look just like they did in game for me. The wolf shot is cropped to get a closer view, but otherwise unaltered. When my guy is fully rested, I usually head outside to see what's what and keep the cabin fever off. It's cool when visual range is low and you can hear things you can't see.
  11. Every so often, I'll visit some of the back pages of the Share Your Screenshots thread, and I always find something great. Funny, weird, or just a pretty picture. Would anyone be interested in using the soon to be page 100 as a greatest hits gallery? My thought was that posters would quote screenshots from as near or far back as they want, but only those originally posted by someone else. So don't choose your own shots. Perhaps also, if posters quoted only one shot at a time, it would give a more showcased look. Good captions, comments & wisecracks to be included, of course. 😉🦨 If the idea's a dud, that's fine. I'll probably start digging out a few and quote them anyway, because hey, why not? Any other ideas for the 3 digit milestone?
  12. I've been using custom settings almost exclusively since they became part of the game. I've found the best way is to document and test out different settings as much as you can. It's time consuming, but you'll get to see different ways the game can unfold. I personally like low resources, scarce wildlife*, and harsh weather, but also like to take my time and stretch the game out using slower decay and medium health settings. I usually have rifles in game since it's a logical thing to find on a formerly inhabited island that's home to deer, wolves and bears. Although with low resources, it has often taken me a while to find one. Once it took until day 70. * This includes fishing - very frustrating and dangerous to spend all day or night and get only 2 to 3 lbs of meat. Or sometimes nothing. 😬 It's happened to me several times. Also uses lots of firewood to keep warm during fishing hole sessions. Still, you gotta get those skills up. And what a rush to be starving badly and finally land a 10+ lb coho!