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  1. If it's ever decided to allow players to enter The Long Dark as a wolf, either of these would be great for a setup screen. πŸΊπŸ‘ Nice work, JMK.
  2. Hunting just west of the bear cave near the Wing in Timberwolf region. It was tempting because my guy has been struggling with cold damage, but holding out for cooking mastery to avoid intestinal parasites. Got passive, but apparently curious critters in this custom settings attempt.
  3. Apologies for not commenting sooner. I read when first posted and gave the green arrow, but had to come back to it. I liked your character's resolve to keep to a purpose, even though she was forced to alter it with the changes on the island, the loss of colleagues, and her eventual decline. Though she feels a failure for being unable to protect Jerome, the acceptance that she too will soon be dead is a weight more crushing than guilt. To try to keep going despite this is admirable to be sure. Your filtered screenshots are good. I can imagine there being one of her smiling companions before things went bad as part of Genevie's legacy.
  4. You're welcome. I hadn't really thought of how many dead people could be under the snow I've been trekking through all this time. It gave your story a real gut punch at the end for me. In a good way, of course. πŸ˜€πŸ‘ Also, you were able to cover a lot of ground in a pretty brief space, which I think gave the end even more impact.
  5. I liked it! The idea to get away, some brief contentment, a rapid decent, and finally hardened resolve, are well done. I like best the end, and the thought of unknown bodies, and their stories, under the snow. πŸ’€
  6. The good news is that it worked. Thank you again for the idea. My custom settings save is not loading, but I don't mind starting it over. I tried to recreate it in the Wintermute Redux version, but noticed it was less challenging in some ways. No doubt evidence of improvements that have been made. Cheers 🍻
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Survivalist. I'll give it a try.
  8. When I tried (copied & pasted) the Steadfast Ranger code, it said it was invalid. The reason I tried it was because the Episode 3 release has caused my game to crash repeatedly. I only play Survival Mode but can't do that now. πŸ™ One attempt after a restart I was able to play for a few minutes but then it crashed. Most attempts crash before the game loads. I'm hoping if I could get the Steadfast Ranger code to work, I'd be where I was yesterday, enjoying a good custom settings run? πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ˆ very hopeful I tried the Wintermute Redux code and that worked. Unfortunately, some of the custom setting don't seem to be the same. On a save where I had the wildlife set to detect me from afar and run, I can now get very close before they run. Please and thank you for any help.
  9. Oo/I-VQWb-CHWb-TF9p-TgAA After finding a rifle, I made a decision to go from Milton straight back to the Quonset, hoping my food would last. I had three rifle rounds with me, but was eager to get back to my ammo, supplies, and the game I knew was there. From St. Christopher's through the cave route to Trapper's Homestead, resting out a storm at the Camp Office, then on to the Ravine, I made it to the Coastal region and went down the frozen stream to stay a night at a small cabin along that western part of the map. I suffered cold damage along the way that was only partially healed by rest. By the time I got down to the Fishing Camp the next day, my food was gone and the weather was bad. There were no deer I could see, so the temptation to fish was too great. I had firewood enough to keep the hut warm at least, but spent the whole day for only about 3 lbs of fish. The next few days were harsh. The deer, rabbits, and a bear were near the Waterfront Cottages at the eastern end of the map. The cottages were all destroyed and unusable. I wounded a deer on the ice and spent a foggy night bow hunting elusive rabbits. I wounded the bear next day and found my deer, so hunger was solved, but my condition had gotten quite low.
  10. I only mentioned because it's something I encountered when photographing my own paintings, and can be pretty easily avoided. I've since found that setting up outside on a cloudy or overcast day (hopefully not too windy) provides good light conditions. Being in the presence of an original painting or drawing is always the best. When posting a photo of this type of work, one wants to offer the closest approximation possible. My two cents. πŸ˜€πŸ“
  11. It looks like you've got an unintended shadow on the left side of your watercolor photo. That aside, it's a very nice rendering. The variations in the sky and mountains are effective for mood, and I like your brush work on the stones. πŸ™‚πŸ‘
  12. Oo/I-VQWb-CHWb-TF9p-TgAA I finally found a rifle on day 70. It was in the church north of Milton. I initially went through Milton around day 20, but did not venture up to the church then. Hushed River Valley is the only region I haven't visited with this survivor. There are some obscure places to search in other regions as well, but it seems likely I've found the only rifle. I have 73 rounds at the moment, and don't anticipate finding many more, but have cleaning kits for top condition while my ammo lasts. I'm out of all packaged foods except about 8 herbal tea and a few cups of coffee. With these settings, rose hip and mushroom tea can be mainly used for the meager but welcome calories and heat. I have all illnesses on except sprains (I like to climb around often).
  13. Mixed feelings during my recent time in the Timberwolf Region. Continuing a custom settings survivor with low resources, cold getting colder, and passive but evasive wildlife, set to low & diminishing. The source of worry is still the lack of a rifle. I'm going to have to check Milton more thoroughly than on my first pass through. If it's not there, Hushed River Valley is the last place to look. I thought the Summit would pay off, but was disappointed. A second pair of long underwear and a wolf pelt were the best I got. A moose sighting on the way back brought some hope. Bows and arrow supplies ebb and flow, but I've kept up. Just barely some days. The same goes for food. Fishing has been a dangerous use of time. This skill has risen slowly due to low yield setting. I'm not sure if hypothermia risk affects fishing results because the results have been mostly bad, with or without heat. A large coho on Coastal Highway did bring me out of starvation before heading to Timberwolf, but I haven't been able get ahead with fishing yet. If I find a rifle soon, I'll have to hunt bear and use the sparse fishing to offset intestinal parasite meat. A bearskin coat would be nice too. The day after this shot was taken, I managed to get a deer while bow hunting. I left behind some precious gear in favor of meat for the walk back to Milton.
  14. A night trek from Broken Railroad heading back to Coastal Highway. It was early on in a custom settings run with low resources. I had pelts waiting to be made into some decent pants. Up to then only jeans and a single pair of long underwear. Also, no rifle yet. I was hoping to find one in the Hunting Lodge, but none there. Wildlife is set to detect me from afar, so bow hunting is more difficult. I had used the Railroad forge to make my knife, hatchet & arrow heads, harvesting found deer carcasses along the way. Weather settings are on the harsh side, so night walks like this one are painful, but sometimes you can't afford to wait. I divert to any potential birch bark plots I see.
  15. North of Poacher's Camp. Went out for more wood while the night fog started to clear.