"Losing" Survival Saves or Games


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I just got this game on my Nintendo Switch, and I like it. But I opened it up and went to the "Load" menu, it only showed one game that had been saved, and I couldn't see any of the others. (I had made multiple). Strangely, it said that four out of twenty-five slots were used, even though it only showed one, and I could only access one. Has anybody else had this problem? Does anybody know how to fix it, or access the other games in some not too complicated way? Thank you!

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Save slots are shared across all game modes, so you have 25 total save slots available to spread among Story, Survival, and Challenge saves.  Story mode also gives you 3 additional free auto-save slots, and a "last checkpoint" slot, which aren't counted as part of that 25.  So if some of these other games you were playing were Challenge modes for instance, they wouldn't show up when you go to load a Survival game.  And vice versa.

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