Maple Syrup Harvesting!


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My little sister thought of this one, and I promised her I would suggest it somehow.

What would need to be added to the game?

  • certain trees that are designated to produce sap (I don't think they would have to be too rare, as there are a lot of "nerfs" that I talk about below)
  • a tap, and potentially some way to fix it or build another one
  • a container similar to the Unpotable Water container where the sap would be put in the player's inventory.

They would not need to make a container for the syrup, as there is already jars of syrup the player can find.

From some very quick (possibly unreliable) research, I found that it takes about 24 hours of cooking for sap to become syrup, so the amount of firewood would be immense. It also said that 50 gallons of sap turns into 1 gallon of syrup. On Wikipedia I read that "Most trees can produce 20 to 60 litres (5 to 15 US gallons) of sap per season." That means that if 3 trees produced 15 gallons of sap each over 60 game days, the player would almost have 1 gallon of syrup left after boiling.

It might throw the balance of the game off, but if anything, it would make a sweet challenge where the player is tasked with making a giant syrup plantation!




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Maybe it takes 24 hours to cook 50 gallons at THE SAME TIME so for 2 leters it is 200 times quicker so this means maximum an hour.  I am doing some quick maths so it may not be acurate. Of course 1 hour to cook 2 leters of sap is nothing so it would have to be balanced

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Did some calculations and it appears that maple syrup (I do not remember exactly but assumed 0.3 kg=0.3 liter=850 calories, so 1 kg=2,800) may have about the same energy content as granola and chocolate bars (0.1 kg = 250 to 300 calories, so 1 kg = 2,500 to 3,000).  Of course this is dependent on the assumptions made for the calculations. Add in the time and any other details, like how many maple trees are present,  to collect and process the sap into syrup and that might provide balance in the production of syrup as a consumable.  Of course, TLD is occurring in winter so tapping maple trees, if introduced, I assume might require developer fiat.


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Hope for a bit more clarity
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 It has indeed been discussed a few times before:

I just don't see how this would be all that useful, and it doesn't seem like that would be any kind of real value add (gameplay wise).  Considering the amount of time and resources that would be needed for it's inclusion... I just don't think that being able to make maple syrup would add enough to make it worth while.


Besides, since we do already have bottles of maple syrup in the game now... I think it's fair to say the maple syrup thing is kind of already covered.

On 2/25/2020 at 3:39 AM, ManicManiac said:

With so much rework that would need to be done I just don't think "the juice would be worth the squeeze."



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Well maple would be an activity like catching rabbits with a snare. it will be working in the background during that time you can hunt you can make clothes explore etc. it would be not more painful than harvest your sap every so often and cook it when the time comes. exactly like the rabbit snares. you check sometimes your trap and take your rabbit if there is one and then cook it when the time comes.

i dont feel like snaring rabbit is time and resource consuming so why maple syrup would be?

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