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Blankets would be something you can find in the world or craft from cloth. They can be taken from beds or just be on shelves or things. You can add blankets to more beds to increase the warmth they provide and you can wrap around yourself to increase warmth.


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While I don't like the idea of blankets being portable warmth bonuses...  I do think it's an interesting idea to make blankets a variable in the context of more dynamic "indoor" temperatures (though it could be said that "blankets" are already taken into account with the variation in bed warmth bonuses).


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Hmm. I agree with ManicManiac in that I don´t think blankets should be a portable warmth bonus. 

However, if a shelter happened to have more than one bed, or a linen closet where towels and blankets could be stored. Then, it would make sense to me to use what´s in the house. 

So, Blankets = yes, but limited to the house where they´re found.

Variable room temperature could work, when taken into account that a window where the sun shines in would also affect the indoor temperature. 


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