Bunker Find! Exploring the clothing hatch


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I was out and about the other day looking for those Polaroid pictures, I found this backpack leaning up against a tree.  Picture found!

As I was getting ready to leave the area and continue my search efforts, I spied something behind the rocks...


Is that what I think it is?


Holy Shazbot !  Can this possibly be the legendary clothing bunker of lore?  Having never seen it before, I was just hoping it wasn't going to be another food hatch.


Climbing down inside and peering upwards as I reach the base of the ladder I can smell the stagnant mustiness of the air that has been trapped down here for a very long time.  The constant drip drip drip of water can be be heard echoing off the damp walls and floor.


As my eyes begin to adjust to the gloom I notice a couple of lockers to the left of the ladder and some metal utility shelving.  


I check the boots first to see if they are my size.  Score!  Turns out they are my size although pretty worn and beat up.  But that can be fixed, right?


I check the leftmost locker and am rewarded with a can of spray paint.  I hope no one needs this anymore...


The rightmost locker was locked.  Luckily I have brought my crowbar along and I make quick progress breaking the lock and opening the door.    Find a long woolen cowl scarf and an old worn Mackinaw jacket.  This will come in handy too!  So far this bunker is looking pretty promising!6.thumb.jpg.b6c654c1c4f50ad76496703b9702ef9a.jpg

There's a pair of woolen socks on the shelf, some more spray paint.  Matches and a whetstone are always good to find!   Apparently the previous owner was planning on repairing the boots as there were also some cured leather patches on the bottom shelf along side a firearm cleaning kit and a few other useful items.


The file cabinet remained mostly empty except for this pair of ratty old fleece mittens.  The were practically destroyed and in that condition I just decided to harvest them for the cloth.


Against the back wall is another metal utility shelf.  Not much on it that's immediately useable except for the lantern.  It's beat to hell but I can still hear some fuel shloshing around as I'm checking it out.


I turn my attention to the air duct grate and pry the face open!  Found a Knife!   Always check the grate!


I peer down the hallway into the gloom and before I head into the main body of the bunker, I grab the lantern and fire it up.


I transition from the hall to the main chamber.  I pan left as I enter the room.  Shelving, lockers, crates and boxes are arranged on the left side of the room with a nice big metal desk as the center focal point.  


I check out the shelf first and find some food items.  The can of coffee is looking pretty good.  There's some fabric on the lower shelf, so immediate repairs can be made.


Checking the metal storage container yields a bottle of accelerant and a bottle of disinfectant.  That's gonna come in handy...


The sweater on the box turns out to be in good condition.  I break down both the crate and the box but nothing inside.


I turn my attention back to the lockers finding a decent pair of work gloves, some bottled water and an unused set of fishing tackle. 


On the desk I find some sewing kits.  Those should come in handy as there's lots repairs and mending to be  done to get these clothing items wearable.


I pop the locker and find a useable woolen cowl scarf and a brand new pair of Cargo pants.  Just so happened to be my size, so I promptly put both of them on.  Score!


seeing as I forgot to search the desk, I do so only to find an old copy of the Island's fish wrapper.


As my gaze shifts to the right, I find a little stockpile of food and some medical supplies.  The canned good were in good shape and the MRE was delicious!


I slowly turn to find a decent Maple Leaf Toque and an Expedition Parka!  This is turning out to be a great bunker!


The heavy down filled parka was in amazingly good condition.  I immediately put it on and smiled at my good fortune.


Checking the chest of drawers, revealed next to nothing.  An old cotton toque which I almost immediately harvested for it's cloth component.


Under the bed was another metal container.  Alas it was empty.  The bed was decent, offering 5C+ benefit.  I think I may spend some time down here, making a few repairs to my new gear.


File cabinet was empty, all four drawers.


After having done a few repairs, I'm pretty much wearing everything I found down here!


As I turned about, one more time to take it all in,  I once again come face to face with nuclear warning sticker. 
Goes to show you how long this bunker has been in place?

All in all, the clothing bunker has been one of the best to find, especially in early game.  Not withstanding the many clothing repairs required to bring it all up to like  new condition.  But for a survivor who was in tennis shoes, wearing nothing more than a crappy old vest, a sweatshirt and some worn old blue jeans this bunker find is a definite game changer early on.   I don't recall ever having come across the Expedition Parka unless I found it while looting the summit on TWM.    


I appreciate you taking the time to read about my exploit here.  If you enjoyed the post, glad you liked it!  Thanks for coming along on the adventure!


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4 hours ago, wizard03 said:

OMG, shazbot…..I have not heard that slang since the PS2 days....


yeah, cut my teeth video gaming to Gran Turismo!  Losing my Favorite Game soon became one of my most beloved songs!  Nanu Nanu to you!

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3 hours ago, piddy3825 said:

yeah, cut my teeth video gaming to Gran Turismo!  Losing my Favorite Game soon became one of my most beloved songs!  Nanu Nanu to you!

lmao, yeah those was the good ole days. When a kid could connect to the internet and play video games via dial up XD

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1 hour ago, odium said:

awesome!  i really enjoy the difficulty of loper but i miss my voyageur loot!  so many clothing options!  


1 hour ago, odizzido said:

Yeah same. On my newest game I bumped up the lot seeing so I could see stuff. I found my very first bunker too, though it was fairly empty as I have reduce loot set high.

Right?  I did find a good balance launching a custom game giving me all the hardships of a Loper run but with a bumped up loot setting and that turned out to be pretty fun.

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