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I have nothing against introduction of a variety of MREs, but as far as The Long Dark 1.0 goes I just don't expect to see it.   It would be nice to have but would complicate the food and drink situation as well as mean that the 1,750 calorie MRE is not going to weigh 0.5 kg but more like 1.0 kg.  They also better be more like Canadian IMPs since they include a gusset on the bottom of the pouch and beverage bags so they can stand up.  After all we won't be able to 'get this out onto a tray... nice'.  :)

Maybe in The Long Dark 2.0 if that ever happens. 


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I mean, this is kind of like asking to be able to see every piece of beef jerky before eating it... :D
I just think it's not really much of a value add considering how much work it would take to implement.

I just don't see a need to be able to "see" an MRE's contents.  I think it's just fine the way it is.

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