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  1. I haven't been through the forums recently at all because of stuff I'm trying to handle in real life. I feel like playing The Long Dark is an escape for me if my day has been rough, and I feel bond with it. I've been going through my history of my family and realized I'm actually part Canadian, really never realized it but I feel quite happy knowing that. Pretty soon, I'm going to move to Canada, live in a rural town, and mostly live off the land provides me, I'm excited for that, getting lost in the wilderness and embracing the cold weather up in the northern part of Canada.
  2. @FavaroOh dear god, I actually had a nightmare of that actually, playing the long dark but a wendigo was hunting me, I wouldnt want that in my life, but interesting, yet terrifying
  3. Do like the idea, but staying still and letting stamina go up is too overpowered, maybe making it so you climb up faster, use less stamina, get less tired, or being able to climb up if you are encumbered.
  4. Foxes could be a great idea, I am kind of a fan of foxes and something like that could really add to the environment,
  5. I do like the idea, but I also agree that it would take the loneliness from the game, but I would see the idea being added to the story mode of the game or something!
  6. You are not wrong with the suggestion, maybe it could be added in the future.
  7. Mre's are just tactical lunchables But yeah, contents in an mre seem amazing, I mean, most come with a lot of essentials like matches and cloth.
  8. I got a few suggestions for the game that might improve it if you ever see this. Cauterizing wounds could be a good mechanic of first aid to heal bleeding, but at the cost of some condition and needing to use painkillers after if you want to stop the pain. You could just get a knife or hatchet and heat it up at a campfire or by a match if possible. This could be a useful mechanic if bandages are not available to the player. Now an ability to zoom in or have an item like binoculars would be amazing since it's hard for me sometimes to see far away. Also, I like to explore the world carefu
  9. Now I've been using the rifle for a while now, and I've noticed a small detail that bugs me. When you start to reload an empty rifle, there always seems to be a visible bullet still in the chamber but the hub always says its zero. I was just pointing this out so it could be fixed in the future.
  10. I actually thought of this yesterday and it could be possible for a vr to happen, but it would take them a good while to balance framerates, mechanics, and so and so, but it's possible!
  11. Hi there fellow survivors! My name is DestructiveFur! I am a common player of The Long Dark and love the game to death. What I'm hoping to achieve from this forum is to get The Long Dark as best as possible from the developers and send any bugs/suggestions that they need to improve the game. I hope we can get along well and survive in the quiet apocalypse together.