Will there ever be VR? I’m dyeing to see it!


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They'd mentioned in the past if they do go the VR route, it would be something made-for-VR, and not a VR port.  I've played VR ports of games (Skyrim, Fallout 4) and while yes it is cool to be able to explore those worlds in true immersive 3D, the user interface is clunky and directly damages that sense of immersion.  Made-for-VR games like Half Life Alyx or Walking Dead Saints and Sinners are where it's at, where your whole body gets into the action.  Reach over your shoulder to grab your backpack, drop items directly into it.  If you want to eat food, pick it up and bring it to your face.  If you want to apply a bandage, you have to wrap it around your arm, etc.

That said though, it is possible to play TLD in a VR headset using third party software.  Being able to see the sweeping vistas this game has to offer in true 3D really is impressive, but because the game wasn't designed for VR, actually playing it is a little tricky.  Parts of the user interface like the white dot cursor, on screen text, radial menu, condition bars, etc. don't quite jive with the 3D rendering of the world, so you can end up with some visual impossibilities that mess with your head.  Like imagine having something really close to your face, but that you have to focus on as if it were way off in the distance.  Double-vision is very common.

But yeah, Pilgrim, or a Lite Pilgrim custom game can be fun in VR.  Just a throwaway, so you can wander and explore, without really having to worry too much about interacting with the world.

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