Co op online survival


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I would really love an update with co op online mode...i know others do too since I've been only playing for a few days n am gonna buy so i can own it...its an awesome game and hope all are staying safe at this time


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It's been discussed many times and in many ways, so I will just echo what I've mentioned before:

On 2/16/2020 at 10:03 AM, ManicManiac said:

The idea has certainly been proposed and discussed very often and in a variety of ways... however very few of them ever really consider what I think is the main problem.

The mechanics of this game in particular make Coop/Multiplayer kind of a "no go."

Simply put... the thing that would be the biggest challenge is the fact that there are many mechanics (that help form the foundation of the game play) that utilize "time compression."  When you have situations that mess with "time" it becomes a problem with multiple players interacting in the same space.

For example... if you have two players and one is out chopping wood (that compresses 45 min - 1 hour of time) then the other player either has to also accelerate or they get "out of sync" so to speak.  If one is spending 5 hours fishing (that is normally compressed), what happens then?  Does the fishing then go in real time?  In other words because this game is filled with mechanics that compress time (sleeping, "passing time"/"wait 'till ready", harvesting, fishing, breaking things down, using the forge, crafting, milling, and so on) then you can't really have two or more players interacting and still keep them synchronized in terms of the time of day... you'd have to force everything to happen in "normal game time" - which for some long tasks, I think, would really suck.

I hope my examples help to illustrate why I don't think coop/multiplayer would not work in this game just from the standpoint of fundamental mechanics.



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On 5/16/2020 at 8:29 PM, ManicManiac said:

It's been discussed many times and in many ways, so I will just echo what I've mentioned before:


For the time compression, perhaps the "in real time" changed from 45min-1hr to like 20 minutes (game time). Then the sync could be manageable. Probably more realistic irl too.

That way, if someone needs to sleep to stay alive they could at least take the edge off until they could get back with their partner.

Maybe getting out of sync had a limit to a few hours, and could reset when going into a building or sleeping together. or of course when time came back in sync naturally when the other payer takes the same time doing something else.

Love the current game as is. Just making some suggestions in case these are new ideals. I would love to have co-op capacity.



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