bug - i cannot use pair of deerskin pants i crafted


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Try dropping them on the ground, then doing something to trigger a save.  Sleep 1 hour, pass time for 1 hour, jump off a short cliff so you sprain something, etc.  Whatever it takes.  Then exit the game, reload your save, pick up the pants and see if you can wear them.

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The pair of deerskin pants weighs 2 kilograms which is their full weight? I realize that my question can be taken as a 'you don't know what you're doing' one, but if your new deerskin pants have all the characteristics of a pair of deerskin pants, then being unable to don then would sound like a glitch in your sandbox. 

What @ajb1978 has suggested is about the only things that can be done to rectify the situation.  I would expand on his suggestions by asking that you completely quit out of The Long Dark to ensure that if there was something haywire with how the game was running, that by completely quitting the game then restarting The Long Dark, before reloading the save game, you have the best chance of clearing a momentary glitch.  The usual "if the PC is malfunctioning, try cold booting it then see if it works properly".

The problem with bugs like this is that if Hinterland cannot recreate the bug at will they can't fix it because they do not know what went wrong. 

I do hope you eventually get to use those deerskin pants.

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Is it possible you have a little bit of time left on the crafting of the pants? Have you tried using a workbench to see if you can work on them? I have made that mistake before... thought something was done and couldn't figure out why I couldn't put it on. Turned out I needed to put another forty minutes (0.667 hrs) into it.

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Il 13/5/2020 alle 20:42, il cacciatore ha detto:

Ho realizzato un paio di pantaloni di pelle di daino ma non posso indossarli. Si mostrano come NUOVI, finiti, ma anche se li porto con me, il gioco non mi permetterà di indossarli.

ho lo stesso problema, tutto quello che creo non può usarlo .... armi ecc    (xbox one user)


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