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Hello fellow people, I'm Applesauce, and I recently started playing The Long Dark. I've been wanting to get around to it for a long long long time and absolutely love it. In my current save I've survived for a whole fortnight and found a base on Jackrabbit Island, though I haven't brought myself to kill a rabbit yet, just fish. Also I hate wolves, but it's mutual, I'm sure. I'm assuming the large majority of yous do to. I smashed one's brains in with a hammer a few days back. It was good day. 

More about me is that I like cats, ABBA, and movies. 

K that's it 🙃 have good day/night

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Hi Applesauce,

I'm not much into ABBA but I visited their museum in Stockholm, it was cool (as the whole city around).

PS: To get a rabbit, make sure you crouch, you'll be able to get a lot closer 😉


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1 hour ago, Alruhn said:

Welcome to the freezing wilderness of the Long Dark! Enjoy! ^^

You're also on DeviantArt, aren't you? I think I've met you over there; I'm HypothermicEllie :)

yes, I commented on the Pleasant Valley drawing!

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