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  1. I was just thinking yesterday about how TLD could be worked into some awesome comics, with all the survival stories you could create about the Great Bear, so I was super excited to see that as a possibility on the survey
  2. I've been trying to catch a moose by the barn in PV. I tried pensive pond for a bit but there aren't any scratch marks around there. I've been camped out for at least two weeks but no moose. The funny thing is that when I was first exploring the area I'm expecting it to spawn in, I remember hearing heavy huffs and something moving from out of sight. It might have been a bear but there was something very hoovish about it, if that makes sense. I didn't stick around. Nowadays I would be ecstatic to hear it.
  3. I just got back from my first trip up there so here's some things I learned - You won't need a rifle, maybe a revolver for scaring off wolves. I brought a bow and got by with like 6 arrows for the first half. Speaking of wolves, they can be pretty easy to avoid if you just know where they are. Stay vigilant and you'll learn their patterns quickly. If you find yourself having to go through a wolf, know that there's plenty of fallen trees for you to shoot them from. Also the landscape can be very hilly so it's good to always to have the high ground. Something I didn't know was that there's a bear who like to wander behind the mountain, along with a couple wolves. You shouldn't have much of a problem avoiding them either, and again there's lots of obvious fallen tree to seek safety on. That's all my tips, so good luck and safe travels!
  4. The halloween event sounds terrifying but equally fun. I always thought this game was only a few steps away from being considered horror. Plus SUPER excited for Ash Canyon!
  5. Wolves and caves scare me the most. Especially the cave in Desolation Point. I didn't know that a wolf could spawn in that cave, so one time I went in confidently and headed up towards the corpse where I found a rifle. I could hear distant howls the whole time but my mind shook it off. Then while I was up there I went through the process of realizing there probably was a wolf because the sounds were getting louder. I ended up getting jump scared and attacked. Luckily I didn't die but that experience changed me. I can't go into indoor caves now without checking wiki to make sure it's clear. Also dealing with wolves is super stressful. Even when I know I have every advantage I could possibly have, every time I hear that bark I go into full panic mode. Surprisingly I've never developed a huge fear of bears. At least not half as huge as wolves.
  6. I like it. Especially the part about seeing dead people and killing animals, and the part about cosmetic items. I always thought it was a bit strange to see a corpse/carcass without any type of impact on the character. And the depression/survivor's guilt seems to really add another layer of struggle.
  7. I have to agree, the easy access to forging sounds very helpful, especially with The Riken having its own furnace. Watching the lighthouse from the Riken during the auroras is pretty fun too. Looks very ominous, but also very beautiful. btw I read the entry about the one with the slope while getting onto the path to the lighthouse. I thought it was just me but that slope is a HUGE pain. In an earlier game I got attack by a wolf there twice. Makes me very anxious
  8. I started there because it's in the corner of the map and I didn't want to back track. Now I just need to find the way out. Also, I'm curious to know, why do you like Desolation Point? I personally find it quite difficult to travel around, mostly because the landscape makes it hard to see when wolves are coming. There is a bear though who like to wonder outside the Warehouse. He keeps the wolves away and is too slow to keep up with me, but he's been friendly so far.
  9. I just started trying for this one at Desolation Point. I'm still fairly new to this game but I love the size of the map and all the tiny details. Exploring it is my favorite.
  10. Done with pencil and charcoal. Inspired by The Long Dark.
  11. yes, I commented on the Pleasant Valley drawing!
  12. I found this video pretty helpful, though I haven't tried it yet.