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Hi there!

I found a book. :-)

Yeah, that's pretty cool but shall i keep it or burn it?

Haven't had the chance to read it / learn something before a fluffy ate me.

If there isn't already a function for learning something form books will it be implented afterwards?

That would force me to keep any book I find.


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Ye, well maybe one in case you might get in a desperate situation. They're aswell good for early game when one hasnt improved fireskill so much.

Wasn't there that idea around once to implement stories written by community members into books or newspapers?

Still good I think :)

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As I picked it up on the Hud were a message telling me that I might learn something from it later. Don't think this is shown if it wouldn't be ment that way. That's why I thought I should keep them for later and hope there will be function to learn something like a craft able item in the next update.

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I refuse to burn books.

It feels too much fahrenheit 451 to me

I kinda feel with you, but given that starting fires takes _that_ long now, lets at least burn the "toilet novels". ;)

I just pretend every book is a copy of Twilight. Or maybe The Da Vinci code if I feel like I've beaten that dead horse too much.

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