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I'm not certain if I can get this done in the 12 or so days I usually last on interloper. :)


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Milton was a breeze except for the wolf attack near the railway tunnel in Mystery Lake.  The dense fog forced me to travel along the railway tracks and a wolf decided that my paper bundle would make a great bedding.  Forced into a situation due to my lack of preparedness, no tinder to light a campfire, the option next available was to raise up the .303 rifle and bullet fire.  This aggressive wolf went down and I continued carrying the sack of paper to Milton.


Four deliveries and no wolf sighted.  This was odd because this area is always crawling with wolves.  On the way back to the Park a wolf did approach me.  Ducked into the house on a hill and when I stepped out the wolf did a mysterious disappearing act.  So straight back to Mystery Lake and travelled to Pleasant Valley without incident.

The rural crossroads is where another wolf was interested in my newspaper bag.  This time the wolf was scared away just from my presence.  I was crouched and ready to make a fire.  But before striking the march it turned and yiped away.  

The deliveries in Coastal Highway were the most interesting.  Set off from the mine and a fog started to roll in just as I approached town.  The bear was spotted and so I went around then waited for it to catch up near the road intersection stop sign.  The bear scared wolves away so I went in behind and started delivering newspapers.  After four deliveries a wolf heard me and growled.  Start a fire.  Threw a lit torch and chased it away.  Allowing  me to deliver a few more newspapers.  Went inside and slept till morning. 

The final deliveries were made without wolves present in town and then I set off to Crumbling Highway. Stopped at the cabins and delivered newspapers while the bear came up to the shore.  Then off to the Harris home.  No wolves so the delivery was straight forward.  The only issue was I had two remaining newspaper in my inventory.

Started to realize this when I set off to the cabins that the numbers are off.  Then looked into my pictures and cannot determine which one missed.  So back to Coastal Highway where I retrace my steps.  The day was clear so even while in the company of wolves and a bear the rechecking of mailboxes went forth.  The bear seemed quite interested in my activity forcing me to circle wide.  A missing mailbox was found and then as I head back to town a wolf comes over the snow bank and lunges at me. Sinks his teeth into my gauntlets and manged to piece through.  

No time for me to chose any option other than just punch or stab.  I choose stab.  The wolf scampers away and I hear another bark from another wolf.  Quickly look around to see where the bear is located.   The car in front of the Quonset garage is where I run towards.  Just before I jump into the car the bear growls.  Hearing the door slam was pleasing and comforting.  Then bandaged my wound.  I notice the bear was still approaching the car.  Almost like he still wants to tangle with me. 





The last newspaper roll in inventory was used in a unconventional way when the bear came close to the car and reached through the car door.  Seemed as if it was still going to attack.  I felt kinda helpless.  Just waited. 


The feeling I am a meat popsicle inside a glass freezer display case.screen_a8878beb-cf76-4e80-8078-f1b9ae09dd84_hi.thumb.png.60480808f8cd8f74931664b2697e40c2.pngscreen_475cd2ad-6314-4c3a-97ce-e3c5295ff1ad_hi.thumb.png.ae8ffa3617925c123cf3f8d2c8ae952e.pngscreen_f0c1b9df-0455-4d43-bde2-9567f7815df3_hi.thumb.png.ef00c6624589e5a0ccb9a5d6b0cbc915.png

i am now having a sleep in this car.





Only eighteen newspaper rolls pictured delivered.  One is on top.  It was not able to be placed inside.  Final score is 17



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Paperstalker started at the coal mine in Desolation Point and made a cirle round to the Riken and back to Hibernia.  The next day I decide to go to the Stone Church and a bear surprised me by the bridge. After getting mauled by the bear made for the Riken and recovered.  When I woke the next day health was half so I decided to pass time and fabricate a knife.  The next day I decided not to seek revenge and proceeded with the mission.

Finding newspaper rolls requires meticulous scrounging.  The things are rare.  Best to look in urban areas mail boxes and vehicles.  By day eleven the twenty three newspaper rolls were delivered to Mystery Lake Camp Office.  What goes into these newspapers I have no Idea just supposed to leave them inside and come back in an hour to start my delivery.  Gave me time to brew some coffee.

It was noon time and the day had blowing snow so the train tracks was the best option to make way up to Milton via the cave near the Trapper's Homestead.  Manged to avoid wolves and got to Milton quickly.  Went to the Barker farm first and then to town.  Oddly wolves were not present in town.  Returned to Milton Park.  The Adrenalin stimulant pen was used to get me past the rope climb that heads towards Mystery Lake.  Rested in the cave till morning.

Off to Pleasant Valley through Winding River.  The trip was uneventful and made Pleasant Valley Rural Crossroads before sunset.  Had a wolf approach me on the way to the coal mine but quickly was scarred off by firing off a round.  My aim was poor and I missed but the mission is to just deliver the newspapers.

Arriving in Coastal Highway I made tracks down to the cabins and then to the trailer just above town.  The night was creeping in and I decided to spend the night.  The morning was clean and crisp.  When I stepped out no bear was in sight so i made my way to the far side of town to start my deliveries.  On my way I kept to the high ground to observe town for activity.  Made the delivery to the house on the hill and headed back down to town.  I spot a wolf.

The area the wolf is patrolling is near the mailbox so decision is quick.  Death and a newspaper was delivered.  The area seems less hostile and deliveries are made in haste.  Then back to the high ground to scan the area.  A wolf is spotted but the distance is far.  Take a shot but failed to connect.  The result was still a delivery.  The same wolf met up with me as the final newspaper is delivered in town.  Again I miss the shot.  My aim is just awful.  The three mailboxes on the coastline were delivered to just as a blizzard whips up.  Stayed in the house until fully warm then off to the cabins.  Four newspaper rolls remain and I will not be stopped by a blizzard.  

Brewed the remaining tea and coffee and set out down the road.  it was not too difficult actually the road was east follow.  The Lakeside Cabins got newspaper rolls and I huddled inside to warm.  The blizzard still raged on and day light had an hour or so left.  Jogged down the road and delivered a newspaper to the Harris home without incident.  The mission is now over and all I got for my troubles is a lousy t-shirt.


Take the debug screen shot works best to keep track of were you have been.  Forgot to take a picture in Pleasant Valley Crossroads.  Had fun and manged to complete it in two weeks in game time.  Preparing the newspaper rolls take the largest chunk of time.  The deliveries were made over three days.



Twenty two newspapers delivered.  Mailbox address 714,26,578 is outside and is disqualified.  Final score is twenty one.

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My Paperloper run was started in Forlorn Muskeg near the water falls.  Milton was decided upon as destination and the transition to the Basin was not too far of a walk.  Went through the cave first looking for anything useful but all I found was rope.  The Moose bellowed down below as I climbed up the brambles. 

The Hermit's cabin was also empty of anything useful.  Nothing to start a fire so I head to the rope climb.   Moose protect this area but lucky for me Bullwinkle was not around today.  A few metres to reach the rope climb and SKRITCH there goes a sprained wrist.  The truck was my only solution.  Rested two hours and somehow went from freezing to warm.  Luck because it looked as if I was going to freeze.  Wrist and legs healthy and now the rope is in front of me. 

There are two ropes to climb to reach Milton.  My Exhaustion level was one third down and my opinion was I would make the first climb but have issues on the second rope.  As predicted the first climb went well.  The second climb got me to top without any issue.  I was surprised and totally exhausted when I did reach the top.  The Barker farm was my focus. 

Now frozen, thirsty, exhausted and health about one third. Carefully I made way to the Farm.  No wolves spotted so getting inside should be easy.  Except the key was well hidden and took precious time to find.  Found no matches and a useful magnifying glass.  The power of fire is in my possession.  Recovered more than half health by morning and now off to Milton Park.  

The Park office was searched and not much useful stuff found.  The next location was Orca Gas Station. This place did provide food, a flare and matches.  The town was explored the next day.  No wolves around town so it was a breeze to explore.  Spent the night at granny's house.

In the morning made tracks to the crashed plane and found a very useful adrenaline stimulant injector pen. Spent the night huddled on a bed of pine boughs next to some old bear bones.  The next day was uneventful and I am heading off towards the Church. 

The tally so far is zero newspaper rolls and two readable books (oddly both are on guns).

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This paper route is going to be tough.  Already been all over Mystery Lake, been partially through Forlorn Muskeg, travelled down the tracks to the Maintenance Yard and to Hunting lodge in Broken Railroad, still newspaper rolls are a rarity and zero are in my inventor (counted them twice).  At the Spence farm I forged a knife, a bow with five arrows and eighteen arrowheads.

The only thing I have delivered so far is death.  The first step into Broken Railroad region a deer greets me.  Starving and near losing the Well Fed bonus I decide to aim at the deer.  It is killed carved and  cooked.  Then stuff myself.  The afternoon sun kept me company all the way to the Maintenance Yard.   Three wolves tried to jump me but using fire I scarred them off.  All three came around the fence together like a pack of wolves.  The situation could be dire.   Standing at the fire I waited.  One thing to note is one wolf sounded much nastier and louder than the others.  Was that an Alpha?  Inside I made plans for the Hunting lodge and slept till morning.  

The trip to the lodge was uneventful.  Spotted two wolves but evaded them.  While at the Hunting Lodge a wolf attacked me.  Stabbed that beast with the knife I forged back at the Spence Farm.  Ruined my scarf.  My work boots are almost trash and so are my work gloves.  Did not get bitten but lost significant health.  After a short recovery I went back outside to see another wolf.  This time I climbed a tree and sniped the wolf closer to the lodge.  The wolf I stabbed lay dead  on the other side of the pond.  The plan was complete.  The two wolves have been dispatched and I can now focus on Bullwinkle.  The whole time I was hunting wolves Bullwinkle watched from across the pond.

Trudged over to a cluster of trees in front of the pond where the moose grazed.  Made a fire to keep warm and I waited.  I have tried hunting moose in the past but always unsuccessful, the beast can absorb more than the five arrows easily.  That is all the arrows I had in inventory.  So waiting for the idea moment was going to be the plan of attack.

That moment arrived.  It was close.  The foot stomps were loud and the snorts louder.  Stand.  Aim.  Fire.  The arrow flew true and the moose was taken down swiftly.  Bagged me a moose!  First time for me to one shot a moose with the archery skill at level two.  The moose was quartered and that meat has kept me well fed for almost a week. 


Read some books. Crafted some arrows and deerskin boots.  While crafting the boots cabin fever snuck up on me and time was spent in the shed and nearby cave.  Made two trips back to the maintenance yard. 

The last trip to the maintenance yard above the rope climb I spotted a wolf and deer.  Waited.  The wolf was approaching the deer.  No luck the wolf ignored the deer.  Took aim at the wolf and it went down prowling near the rope climb.  Then I proceeded to take the deer down as well.  Inside I figure on a route to take that will let me explore this region fully.  Or maybe just abandon this whole crazy newspaper idea and live off the land.

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Broken Railroad region almost near seduced this paperloper but have now returned for duty.  The days went quickly making the wolf skin coat.  Then spent a night down in the ravine.  Returned to the maintenance shed to recover.  Then over to the hunting lodge where I spent the night and ate the last of the moose meat.   The hide was still not cured so decided to return to the maintenance shed.  The moose hide could have been made into a cloak but the inner paperboy was demanding the satchel.  So a trip back to Mystery Lake Camp Office was planned.  The plan was to survive in Forlorn Muskeg until the satchel is completed.


First meal did not affect me.  Risk level returned to zero.

Forlorn Muskeg was where I made the mistake of eating too much wolf meat.  The first dinner gave me a chance of 24 percent and since the weather was nasty I pulled up a boulder and read some books in the cave.  Did not venture to far from the Spencer farm and scrounged for wild edibles for the next few days while hunting deer.   No deer and the weather is still bad.  The leftover wolf meat was there. Grilled up the steaks and then having a 26 percent chance of parasites the IP lottery was won.  Lucky me.>:(


Results of second meal a few days later.

So now I just think the best idea is to pack up and leave.  Make two trips to the farm so not to freeze and while doing so I spot deer.  Make the kill.  Then another blizzard starts up.  Waited in the cave for the storm to pass and then bagged the deer.  Plan was to bring the quarters back to the cave.  It was turning to night when grabbing a few bags of meat and on my trip back to the cave a wolf comes at me growling.  The stink bars were all up.  I had not seen a wolf on my way in.  This wolf decides to flee off whimpering.  i am shocked that no attack occurred.  Make my way back to the cave and carved the remainder.  Ate then slept. 

The remaining meat was carved up at the forge while the internal parasites were gnawing inside me.  These bugs are making me decide that rushing out of here might be the best idea.  Sleep till morning then travel back to Mystery Lake without incident.  Managed to grab about ten doses of Reshi mushrooms many cattails stalks and some Rosehips.


Back at the Camp Office I finished the Moose Hide Satchel and set off to Coastal Highway via the Ravine.  Made a kill in the Ravine and gathered more medicine.  Onward to Coastal Highway and my condition is starting to imp[act my survival.  Grabbed the remaining Reshi and some coal from the mine.  Headed down to the fishing camp where I planned to finish off the internal parasite recovery.


Fished and slept and drank tea for about a week. 


Finally it was flushed out of my system.



Searched the region and now Desolation Point will be the next area to visit.


Almost three months and the most concerning issue is I still have not found a single

newspaper roll!

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The next area to scourer was Desolation Point. The days were mostly uneventful.  Bagged a deer which sustained me for the time.  After DP I headed back and checked the Harris Home.  The results of searching were four books  and zero newspaper rolls.🗞️

Packed up the gear and decided to head back to Mystery Lake.  The Raven Falls route was taken and when arriving at the camp office a deer was there to greet me.  The arrow flew true and the deer fell.  After a rest went looking for firewood.  The top of the hill near the Scenic Outlook was where I decided to gather firewood.  Spent time in the cave resting.  On my way back to the camp office was where a peculiar event took place.  My character went off the rails and started to walk uncontrolled.  

Walking straight ahead.  No way to change direction.  But it is alright because a tree is in the path.  The controls were reset but still no response.  The encounter with the tree only slightly altered direction.  Now heading straight for the cliff.  I am now in a sort of a panic.  The edge is getting closer. Only option was to power off.  The button is not easy to reach for me.  But I manage to access it.  While doing so i can hear my character sprain ankles arms and rip tear clothing.  I felt that chilling fear of death.  The screen goes blank and i sit back and try to assess  the situation. 

There were two unusual faults encountered with the computer.  Theses events happened last week.  The SSD would not boot.  After a complete power down and removing peripherals the computer was back to normal.  The other was my new USB mouse would stop responding.  Every so often while using the PC the mouse would go unresponsive.  The mouse is connected via an USB extension of two metres.  This was suspected first.  The cable is more than ten years old.  Plugging the mouse directly into the port always restored the mouse.  A replacement cable was installed and the issues were gone.


Until my computer decided to try and murder my character there weer no other faults.  After returning to the game this is where my character was standing.  Health was above ninety at the cave now it is ten percent. Lucky me there was no wolves around.

Another rest then the deer was bagged. 

The issue was now to find a book 📗  or newspaper roll 🗞️.


Twenty Two Books

Headed to Pleasant Valley.  Found a book in the cave near the hunters blind.  Made my way back to Carter then to keep my character well fed I decided to do some hunting in Raven Falls.  The hunt was successful and feeling I needed more adventure decided to climb down into the ravine.  Did not spend too much time down there but returned with all sort of goodies.  Flare pistol a stim and what do you know another book.

Returned to camp office. A little hungry I decide to go fishing.  Once again I lose control.  This time the character is strafing right and i am on the ice.  There is no danger.  Once again I am forced to power down to regain control. 

The new mouse has been replaced with my older one.  

Read all the books and levelled up the skills except rifle.  The books smarts badge was earned. 



At day one hundred seven I am ready to venture out with eleven and a half kilograms of books.  These books must be held securely and never leave my inventory.  The well fed bonus plus the moose satchel should set this paperloper on the right foot. 


Twenty Four Books

It is the crack of dawn and it sounds windy.  Milton will be the first location to start my delivery route.  

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Darn, now I have to get my deliveries done before I get to play with the new Steadfast Ranger update.


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Here are my pictures of the deliveries.


Pleasant Valley Farmstead Picture in live stream.



Missed the picture at the Farm in Pleasant Valley.  But I did live stream. Will grab a screen shot from the video.

Finished my deliveries so can I now go and play with my new Steadfast Ranger action figure?

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If new to the long dark then maybe try this first on voyageur.  Stalker was about the same.

Interloper was the most demanding.  The extra weight from the books means having a satchel and being well fed are important goals.  

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What a brilliant challenge! I might try this someday... I never survive long when I try interloper. The wolves always get me within the first 15 minutes.

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The Long Dark Paperboy: The Movie


Remember Death comes on a Tuesday.

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