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1 hour ago, Hollowpoint245 said:

Every time I try placing books down to store for later in Wintermute they instantly disappear. Anyone else having this problem?

I was just coming here to report this. In the bedroom of that 'Sunshine' farmhouse (or whatever it's called) just past the church, I dropped ten books right on the floor where the little rug is and the rug just gobbled them all up I guess because right afterward they're nowhere to be found, and I clicked on everything around that rug and looked all over the bedroom. Ten books! :o

I tried putting a couple in a container under the bed and they seem to stay in there. Just don't drop them, I guess.

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36 minutes ago, SnowWalker said:

Also, I had two flares, and I know I did, and I know I haven't used a flare yet, but in my inventory now there's only one.

Okay no, my bad. I remember now that I had thought I had found a second flare in the office of the farmhouse but it had only been a red book lying on it's side and I guess I just forgot that it wasn't. Kinda like wishful thinking. But the books, they are all still gone. Sorry about that Hinterland peeps if you read that about the flares.

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Thank you, good advice people!

So until further notice, store things in containers in the Story Mode.

I have been in my old Sandbox game since yesterday and so far all my stuff on the floor in the Fishing Camp in CH is not disappearing....thank God!

I have A LOT of stuff on the floor, lol....

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42 minutes ago, ppedro said:

Hmm. Gotta keep an eye out for this. Thisfar I have stored everything on floors. Had all my excess gear at Grey Mother's floor and never noticed anything missing. :o

Well someone in another thread is reporting missing water bottles that were left on the ground in Story Mode.

As of now it is unclear how many different items are likely to disappear, so to be on the safe side I would try to keep your stuff in a container. No one has yet reported losing items in containers...yet...

Hopefully, maybe only waters and books are subject to this bug....but I would rather not test losing stuff on the ground, lol

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3 hours ago, SnowWalker said:

Oh man, and the whetstones are not easy to find in Wintermute either :/ isn't limited to water and books....crap...

Ok, @motorfixcan you remember which floor of which house you lost it on?

We should try to pinpoint if the missing items are lost in a specific house, or any house, or maybe some houses are safe, and others are not...

So far Grey Mother's house may be safe....until someone claims otherwise....

Also for the people losing things, what game system are you playing on...Xbox, PS4 or PC?


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