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  1. So I've run into a slight predicament. I'm currently camped at Jeremiah's bunker in Forlorn Muskeg waiting for the Aurora to appear. It's been about 3 in game days now and I'm just wondering if there is someway I can make the aurora appear faster, or if it follows some kind of pattern, etc. I have killed the bear and am just completing the remaining side quests before finishing the episode. Any help is highly appreciated.
  2. Now that I've added my two cents, if this was to be add I would add level 5 starting ability to that list too, you shouldn't be able to do this without being a fire master.
  3. Take it from someone who lives in Northern Alberta (Close to the NorthWest territories), the climate here is not humid. We're well above sea level, the air is almost always dry. People install humidifiers in their homes because of how dry it is here. There is no moisture rising up from the ground to soak your clothes, that is just added to the game to help give substance. Realistically people get wet because they play in the snow and it melts around them, are wearing snow shoes that kick snow up at their legs, or finally the "Spring time" style of snow arrives which is normally quite wet and not powdery.
  4. I think this image is self explanatory... Anyone one else have something better?
  5. Nevermind, the problem fixed itself. As soon as I created a new sandbox save I instantly received the achievement.
  6. From what I'm aware of I've completed every in game challenge, yet haven't unlocked the challenge mastery achievement. Am I missing something, or is this a bug?
  7. Tried that, plus I slept - no change. I'm encumbered too, I'll see if that's what's causing the problem.
  8. I'm currently trying to complete the White Out challenge and have been running on minimal snacks, etc for a few days in order to build my supply. I'll go eat something and see if that changes anything.
  9. Just realized how the title could be interpreted for a bug in the game, my apologies.
  10. Just noticed this extra "negative sign" haunting my HUD right above my fatigue meter. What exactly does this mean, and/or do I need to sleep off any extra negative exhaustion it may add? I have a feeling this most likely due to my hunger bar as well.......
  11. Is it possible to earn the achievement "Resolute Outfitter" in storymode, or is it sandbox only? I've repaired all my gear to 100% condition, do I need to add something to the accessory tabs as well (I don't believe anything exists for those sections yet). I've been trying to catch up with all the achievements in The Long Dark since Wintermute was released and would prefer to get as many of them done as I can without running multiple sandbox save slots.
  12. Love the Aurora, it's such a piece of art and suits the environment perfectly. But the glowing wolves feel a little too alien for the game. I understand that Hinterland isn't attempting to recreate accurate wildlife behavior. But glowing wolves?
  13. In the second episode you'll be able to find another; my first hatchet lasted me right up until I was able to find a replacement. I was not able to come across one in the first episode besides the one at Grey Mother's shed. But, considering the length of the first episode that one hatchet should serve you just fine. I recommend collecting sticks when just wandering around. They add up and can keep a fire going for a few hours. This way you can preserve your tools for when they seem "more necessary".
  14. Every time I try placing books down to store for later in Wintermute they instantly disappear. Anyone else having this problem?
  15. Hollowpoint245


    Any map predictions, or discoveries (when Wintermute is released)?
  16. Are they releasing Wintermute Eastern or Pacific time zone? Hinterland Studios is located on Vancouver island so it could take another 2 hours past what the timer has listed.
  17. Yellowknife in The Northwest Territories. The temperature dropped down to -38 Celsius; with the wind chill it was about -50 out. I was wearing full wool mitts, little polyester under gloves, sorrels, wool socks, liner socks, thermal underwear, thermal undershirt, old wool pants (army) with waterproof liners, scarf, ski goggles, wool toque, polyester blended vest, polyester blended sweater, wool sweater, and a gore tex monsoon. Of course that was for the little amount I was outside, most of my time was spent under a blanket.
  18. Haha I know the feeling pal. @Kevin_Rs5
  19. Congratulations in crafting your first set of advanced clothing! From some of my long runs in sandbox I found the certain objects, pelts specifically, decay over time when left out; I'm not sure if this happens with all in game objects though. For the realistic aspect of things I presume the developers are trying to copy the idea of letting something sit for a long time. By this I mean trying to start up a car that has been sitting idle for a while, it can be difficult as things degrade. As for the wolf skin coat you haven't missed anything. I have found that it only scares off wolves on a rare occasion. Although I do believe it gives a bonus when trying to scare wildlife off with a flare or torch, but don't quote me on that. Hope this helps!
  20. Don't worry your not bashing the idea. I personally love it when people play devil's advocate as it forces you to perceive things differently and examine them from a different angle.
  21. I found it once to the right of the locker located at the Old Spence Family Homestead, otherwise that was it. Also to add onto my original response it is possible to make a bear skin bedroll. I have seen a bear roaming near the Poachers Camp in the middle of Forlorn Muskeg. I haven't tracked him to figure his route out yet, but if your lucky you could manufacture one and that would solve your issue with being trapped at the Old Spence Family Homestead. @thinair
  22. Love the input, I absolutely see where your coming from, as it does currently add some challenge to the game. But I'd like expand on the idea of craftable mittens. I never considered the concept of having roughly created clothing. I think it would be an excellent idea. Of course there would have to be some fallback on it's use. Minimal wind, warmth, and water resistance would be good. Along with a high degrade rate as they would not be of high quality and pose only a temporary solution. I also think they should be something for on the spot make, as it would not be too difficult to create something resembling an oven mitt from the cloth. If I had the opportunity to access a work bench I would begin the process of creating more complex clothing. Besides the work bench seems to be reserved for higher end gear that require high grade materials.
  23. No problem @thinair, good luck with your challenge!
  24. From my exploration so far in Forlorn Muskeg I haven't found much in the way of bedrolls. I did have one spawn for me at the Old Spence Homestead in one life but that's about it. If you intend in staying at FM only, then I recommend snow shelters, as you will be able to sleep in them. I know that you can find a corpse with a snow shelter pre-built along the shoreline of the Muskeg not far from the cave filled with ice on the FM map if your lucky. Unfortunately you won't be able to construct on in your cave. The only downfall would be having to maintain your shelter, which isn't too bad if you keep up on it. I recommend constructing your snow shelter towards the cave as it might provide some wind protection if you choose to build a fire. Hope this helps.
  25. Thank you, I just love the game for what it is. Most people my age are too obsessed with Call of Duty, or some other shooter.