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  1. i do.. they are kinda gamey tasting but better than eating catstalks.
  2. i killed 1 in 1 shot many times. also bears, and even deer. 20
  3. can i fix the hole in the mountaneers hut roof using a bear hide with this trick?
  4. i realize there isnt going to be a rifle in all those spots i checked, but i should have found one by now. i never did find one in that particular game, so i started a new one, and didnt change any options just a new game and i found both in milton in the grey mothers house. lol i dunno maybe i had a bugged game.
  5. so i started a new survival game after the new update, and set it up just like the previous one was, the only thing i changed was the settings regarding the timberwolves. and the only thing i changed was to set the morale to high. it spawned me in mountain town, so i start heading to milton. first i visit grey mothers house half expecting to find a revolver or a rifle there... no dice. "ok" I thought to myself, ill check the farmhouse maybe i can find a rifle there. it was a good bet because in the past i have found it there. no joy there either, but i found ammo for both so i decided to finish looting milton and head out to the trappers cabin. i get there and nothing. so i go to the little pond after that, i find a bow and 1 arrow. "at least i have something" i say to myself.. anyway to speed this up a bit, after that i went to: the camp office, all the lake cabins/fishing huts, that cave overlooking mystery lake, that little trail by the camp office, the box car, the ranger lookout, carter dam, the trailers in front of the dam, the hunters blind in pleasant valley near the exit from the winding river, the signal hill building, and the homestead / barn in pleasant valley. nothing. just ammo very frustrating. so my question is, (1) is there any place that is 100 % guaranteed to have a rifle/pistol. the above places i listed usually would have had one by then. if not then (2)are there any other settings in the custom game settings that affect the rifle or pistol availability other than yes or no? like perhaps the other settings for resources? like i said prior the update using these same settings didnt have this issue.
  6. nah i dont like it its too fake
  7. i want a pet bunny. instead of twisting his neck i can put it in my pack! i promise to feed him catstalks every day an take real good care of him! please mommy please!!
  8. i killed the bastard, the only regret is i couldnt keep that knife
  9. is it possible to find hatchets and a knives when using the custom game options and making the game have "low" baseline equipment and "low" loose gear options set? i have made a few games with this and have not been able to find them, even at places where they usually can be found. i mean i dont care if there is only 1 or 2 in the whole world but so far i havent find any at all. but if i set baseline equipment to medium and loose items to low i can find like 4 or 5. isnt there a happy medium? i basiclally want interloper weather and stuffs but i also want a hatchet and a knife.
  10. i always end up at mountaneers hut, but i also like jackrabbit island, its pretty chill and resources are decent
  11. maybe set to medium and set the other ones to low so you dont get too much loot.
  12. look nearby sometimes they roll away
  13. lol i never made it to pleasant valley, froze to death. ill try it again and hopefully find some matches, thats why i died.. i couldnt make a fire. really surprised the dam didnt have any. i think i should have headed for the coastal highway instead of going to mystery lake. fun challlenge i enjoyed it something to do while waiting for the next update
  14. just a quick update so far. i was spawned in at the coastal highway on the rail tracks. it was just before dark and clear skies with a tint of green so i thought aurora... i decided i would try to make it to the dam before dark because i knew i could sleep in the trailer and being the dam i figured id get some loot. well i made it to the trailer but it was dark out so i slept till morning. i woke up thirsty and hungry, i went into the dam and right to the toilet. got some water and looted the entire dam and got very little food. i think after work today ill try to get to pleasant valley
  15. ill give this a shot i like to think i know what im doing. i will share the results