[SPOILER] [RESOLVED] Wintermute Rosehip Problem


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For anyone else who experiences this issue, you can go into the journal, into crafting, then you have to craft 'prepared rosehips' then interact with the campfire with those.



Good day.


I am encountering an issue with one of the 'missions' in my journal.


I am attempting to craft rosehip tea, but I do not see the option in my campfire.


'Collect rosehips and make rosehip tea to treat your pain'


I have a) 64 rosehips, b) 3.5L of potable water c)0.5L of unsafe water and d) Tried to craft the tea at TWO separate camp fires e) Both campfires have had >1hr of fuel.


Unfortunately, I am unable to.


However, upon selecting the 'food' icon in my campfire, it briefly says '1 out of 4'.


Any suggestions?

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1 minute ago, JAFO said:

So you basically have to chop them up before boiling them into tea.

Useless make-work at its best!

Yep and it almost got me dead because it took me way, way too long to figure it out. Who would think of the crafting menu for rose hip tea? Hell, I wouldn't chop 'em up irl, just throw them in the water and go for broke, like the old days...yesterday, lol.

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I struggled there aswell. I agree that this is kind of unintuitive, but once you know how the game works you'll be able to come up with the idea on your own, but if you're new it's kind of hard to figure it out. There should be a little bit more info in the game about this feature, especially in the beginning. I played TLD before, but this always went straight over my head somehow haha

edit: Thanks for your help!

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10 minutes ago, MrAtticus said:

I agree that this is kind of unintuitive

There are several excellent books and guides to intuitive design and user interfaces available. So far as we can tell, nobody at Hinterland has ever read any of 'em. They even dumped a masterfully intuitive user interface that evolved almost by accident, to give us the mess we now have. And I see with this release they've even managed to mess up some of the remaining nice bits. Why on earth did they remove the main menu from that lovely title screen and put it on a lop-sided page of its own? It's jarring.

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Do we have to do that with rosehips or anything else in Sandbox mode as well?

Are we going to get patch notes or a change log for changes in Wintermute at some point?

This is the third time I have asked since yesterday..... anyone going to answer or post those?

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