Things that don't look good.


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If there's already a topic (really) like this please close this one and move everything there.

The game is so polished graphically than when you spot something bad it really pops out. The latest two things for me,


Pretty much self-explanatory.




The single texture on The Tooth stands out as unfinished, breaks the scene completelly for me.


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2 hours ago, MarrowStone said:

Ive never seen the truck look that way but i definitely had the same experience when looking at the tooth...

That truck though is very garish omg.

How does it look on your side?

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Don't have a screenshot at the moment, but I'm sure others have noticed areas in the caves where the shadowing from a torch / lantern light source makes the  floor geometry looks really off. Tends to be at the top of ramps where the start of the flat ground has a slight overhang and the light doesn't penetrate into the crevice. It looks like there is a gap in the geometry as a result. Will update with a screenshot if needed. 

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Have created an issue on the bug tracker. It's the cave passageway in Timberwolf Mountain (not the one that heads to secluded shelf). I thought this used to be an issue in the Coastal Highway/Pleasant Valley cave, but maybe it got cleaned up since the floors look really nice there now, or maybe it was always fine and I've been mistaking my caves!





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On 07/10/2016 at 0:43 AM, MarrowStone said:

I put a snare next to a tree and harvested a rabbit by just its foot sticking out of the tree XD. And when i clicked on ot, the camera slid into the tree.

What did it look like?

Check out my ultra sharp frisbees. Hunting frisbees.



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Last one is the final proof for alien theory :)

we already open a lot of topics for that grass :/

Anyway don't post only bugs or the devs will get mad lol I want to find not-cool spot that are by design, like the textures on the tooth.

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