Hallucinations... Bioshock Style


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Now, In this game, say you are "Alone" is an understatement, it's barren, bleak, and beautiful, but, after playing Bioshock and other games, I have something to add to that beatiful, yet tragic, feel to the game. I present to you... An imaginary family!

Now, after a long time, you will start hear/seeing things. Go farther down the rabbit hole, and you'll be able to get near them before the disappear in a wisp, I am not talking about ghosts, I am simply talking about hallucintations, seeing things, etc.  I did my research, and I found out hallucinations can be activated in the brain of a sane mind if they are...

1. Sleep Deprived

2. Under extreme stress, grief, etc.

3. Shortly after waking up from unconsciousness

4. When they sustain a considerably large injury (Trauma, Blood loss, etc)

5. After a Traumatic event, such as an animal attack or the like.

6. When under the influence of drugs

ALL of these are things in the game! so it can be easily done! Tell me what you think! thanks! :)

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This could be a good idea and addition. It would also support any story mode and show just how weak you are feeling or how the solitude is effecting your judgement and condition. The artistic style of the game would compliment hallucinations and a delirious state. They could be fairly rare maybe so that they dont impede into the flow of the game play too much. Maybe only happening when your close to Hypothermia or starvation or extreme tiredness. :) 

If you watch movies like Cast Away and The Revanant you can see how their solitude and weakness effects their minds.

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As long as hallucinations are not present in sandbox dont really care(altho considering Wills bio id say a bit of wild nature wouldnt really bother him). While all of the above reasons are valid, most important is persons state of mind and personal experience, so what would break one wouldnt even make a dent on another.

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