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  1. oh yes i stand corrected!! i just started a new survival mode game at Mystery Lake since the storymode release and Mystery Lake has all the detail from the storymode. Way to go Hinterland!! next question is, Will we ever get to see all the new regions and areas that Storymode has into survivial mode? Will we get to have Milton! hehe.. I pray that Hinterland eventually give us all of the beautiful extra detail and maps into surivival mode and also continue to improve and increase it. Thank you Hinterland!!!!!!! ♥
  2. I would also like to see more female deer, or at least deer with no antlers. it seems all the deer are full grown -full antlered deer. I havent ever been to Canada or fully looked into its wildlife so i am just ignorantly suggesting things. But i think with a variety of deer size and gender might be cool. They would also maybe yield a different amount of meat and hide? I also like the idea of wildcats, Beavers and maybe the rare boar. These all could be carefully considered to appear in specific maps of sandbox. This way its not just random unreasonable spawns that end up making the Hinterland world into some wildlife park or zoo. hehe. Rare sightings and placed in certain zones that make sense to that creature ☻
  3. i also think i remember way back when i first started playing sandbox that you could kill a wolf during the fight. But then i am wondering if that was just me on an easier mode. Now i play stalker and i dont think i have ever killed wolf instantly. Most of the time i avoid them as best i can so i dont really even get into wolf fights. But when i do no matter what weapon i choose to fight it of,f they usually either kill me or run off whimpering. I dont even hunt the injured wolf down as in most cases i got hurt myself and start seeking a safe place to go fix myself and rest hehe. I really dont wish to collect trophies or have it turn into anything pleasurable. I might sound like a complete softy but i adore the wolves and would rather avoid one and leave it be then ever fight it. I know its unavoidable but i at least try. In fact i actually try at times to secretly watch them without detection. I would like to see even more random wolf behaviour that adds more joy in studying them.
  4. I do get a sense of wind direction and chill during heavy snow and obviously blizzards. Snow fall often hints to me which side of a rock face to walk along to get sheltered badge at the top of my screen. But i would also like to see small trees and taller grass and those reeds bend in a clearer direction that the wind is blowing. also soft /light snow on drifts to blow and move in the same direction as the wind and any smoke and flags to move in that direction too, mostly for visual immersion. ☻ Good call.
  5. Hello fellow Hinterlanders ☻ I wanted to ask / request as a wish for the detail thats been added in the new and awesome Storymode to be maybe added into sandbox mode. Like all the extra detail of objects/props placed now in the Camp Office and Dam etc. I wont go into too much detail ( excuse the pun) of what exactly is in there for fear of spoilers BUT i love the extra attention to detail and richness thats been given to the storymode. I love Sandbox as its MY story. But i would love to see the sandbox maps given the tender love and care that Storymode has been given, visually. Is this likely to be implemented for those who still love to live their Hinterland lives in sandbox?
  6. Hi. My feeling on Wintermute is this. Hinterland had this storymode as their main dream. Its what they started all of this for and has always been their main goal. So, sandbox was created mostly for testing and also to give their new fans a taste of what storymode was going to be. But i honestly do not think they realised just hope popular and loved Sandbox was to become. Over time it grew and grew. People loved to play it, they had so many ideas and passion shown in forums and discussions. Suddenly Sandbox mode became huge! . it took on its own, life. it was regularly updated, built on and conditioned into almost a great game in itself. People could be unique and themselves. Yes they chose either the male or female character and they are very fixed in looks ( no custom player options). BUT people totally loved it! and still do. Its a beautiful world where you soak up its magestic scenery as well as struggle at what ever skill level you choose to survive and you feel its YOUR choices, not soemone elses. And people became good at it. they learnt fast, made important mistakes and was constantly rewarded for that. Sandbox became almost what this game was meant to be. But in a strange way it almost over shadowed the main story. hehe. ! I personally found that all of that unique experience and time spent in sandbox instantly became a thing in storymode. Almost as soon as i was in control at the start i was collecting sticks and checking my inventory, everything i would do when starting a sandbox game. I so so fell in love with all of the new detail added that i had never seen as well as refurbished locations i knew but had taken on a whole new awesome look. Milton blew me away!! ( i want that town in sandbox Hinterland!!!!!) But i also found i got frustrated. Not at any feelings of a poor storymode or bad pace even. But that i wanted to feel i still had as many options and choices i have in sandbox. I suddenly was channeled into one path that i couldnt really break away from. But then thats storymode. a Story i follow and spectate. Its not a free choice sandbox. So yes i love the storymode, thats how its supposed to be. I am loving each new moment in it. Yes bugs will appear but i believe Hinterland are fully on it and will always update it as best they can. But i think i am still a sandbox junky. If they could add all the new locations and detail from storymode into sandbox i would be a very happy bunny. Great job Hinterland, never stop dreaming and creating ♥.
  7. Positive review has just been added on Steam and i am so so so so sorry i hadn't done this before now! I dont think i have ever posted a review on any game i own as i just had never thought to. But this is my favourite game i own and what a game to start that with. Thank you for providing such a wonderful game i adore and letting me into this warm family. I am proud to have written that and i hope its humble message helps. Thank you Hinterland.
  8. I haven't yet be challenged in the game to make one. I think its a great addition to the game but i personally haven't yet been pushed to any need to build one to survive. But that might be my play style, not the fault of the shelter. Much like most of the Lets Plays i watch on the vid channels, i tend to do what many do and camp in a cave or just persevere to a cabin or hut. But then i do play on stalker all the time and not Interloper. I never really struggle to get to a enclosed building of some sort because i know the maps so well and know exactly where i am. If the buildings maybe was less and randomly placed on each play-through i might then need to build one. I do understand on Interloper you have no bedroll and most buildings are burnt but even then i watch many players still make it safely to a building somewhere they know about. Maybe in time i will find a need to build one when i spend more time in Muskeg or Timberwolf Mountain on Interloper. But i haven't yet built one and to be honest most likely wont.
  9. I have found that i now do my very best to avoid any carnivore meat. I know at times there is little option as your starving and just shot a wolf and passing up that meat is a hard decision. But i would rather avoid the 10 day infection where i have to find enough antibiotics ( pill or mushroom) to heal. It stunts your speed, fatigue and punishes you with research ability etc. But you know, i dont mind. This is maybe exactly what Hinterland is trying to achieve. That decision making. Do you risk the meat or risk starving? make the call. Decide, prepare :). The percentage is a little confusing as i understand 1% is always a chance more than 0%. But to me 1% is a very very low chance. even 25% could be a gamble but a chance of 1 in 4 of getting it. At the moment its al;most dangerous to eat carnivore meat at all. I struggle enough working out what yellow percentage of regular found food is safe LOL. i see a can of peaches at 24% and i am umming and aaahing. do i? do i risk it?
  10. There is a Scruffy? hehe where?! i wanna find Scruffy! It would be funny if in time more creatures of this bleak yet beautiful harsh world became named. I have also found some deer gets tuck a lot as they wildly bounce, hop and skip in every direction possible. Other day i had one get half stuck into a cliff side and he/she was still trying to run. I am not sure its much that Hinterland can do about it as i think its one of those weird things that kind of has to be a bit expected in a graphic game. Animation will sometimes act up and glitch. I do wish the deer maybe didnt always run at me so much or without any specific direction. I feel sorry for them at times like they have totally lost the plot! LOL and that kind of world behaviour is bound to make you end up head first in a rock. I swear i shoot the deer sometimes just to put them out of their hyper misery!
  11. Oh i so so agree with the above post. I love how much more intense i find the game regarding wolves and i religiously play on Stalker mode. I get nervous just stepping out of a door now! I did also find that slightly odd mechanic where if i walk backwards the wolf just seems to match my pace and growl but doesn't charge at me. In a way i think thats kind of realistic as its as if the wolf is stalking me and weighing up his or her odds of winning a fight, or finding its moment to lunge. But i have found that the wolf never attacks and i can literally backwards walk half a map without that wolf actually running at me. Maybe that could be tested and considered for tweaking. A timer sounds ideal. As far as wolf behaviour, i would like maybe one day to see just a little more randomness in their animations and moods and alertness. For example i love seeing wolves together in this game. I love seeing 2 or 3 walking together on the same purpose as a pack. Its beautiful and i often risk detection just to watch. But i would like to see a little more variety in the animations. Maybe sometimes they lay down, even sleep. Maybe they trot quicker as a pack and little animations added to the already nice ones. More investigative animations where they check out cars or trash cans or more often animal carcasses. Maybe they sniff around the doors of buildings or even now and then play together, skipping and yapping excitedly. Not always so serious. Not too much as i still want to fear them but enough to give them just a little more character. I also have stated many times before that i do wish they was not all black. I may be wrong but most of the very dark wolves in those winter regions in real life is the younger wolf tones. as they mature they get lighter fur tones? Someone can correct me if i am wrong. But even if the game just added light grey or white wolves. They would be harder to spot from so far away. that would scare me!
  12. I totally agree with Mel and Wastewatcher. This is a survival game but its their vision and as much as they love the communities input and help and ideas and value everyone's opinion and thoughts, they do have to remain true to their vision and goal for this game. Some ideas we provide will meet what they are trying to achieve and therefore can be considered even if not used. But there will be some ideas and wishes they will not implement. Not because they find those ideas wrong or bad. Just that they do not fit what this game is trying to achieve. Even if a desired mechanic is realistic and falls into a category of survival, it does not necessarily match what this team wants to have in the game. That does not make this game any less of a survival game. I love Subnautica and i love Stranded Deep and i adore Skyrim at a very survival immersive level. I love the telltale games, especially The Walking dead series and Life is Strange. All these games introduce elements of survival or moral decision making to a different degree and push your comfort level. Some push those moral boundaries or decision making. But they all have their own agenda. Yet they are all amazing survival or immersion games in their own right. The Long Dark is unique. Its not a first person zombie shooter or a moral/horror shock game. Its hard and can be very tense and realistic. But its also beautiful and paced. Cannibalism is not a taboo topic or one thats wrong. Its just not what they will implement as it just does not match their vision for this game. Hinterland or the game should not be judged on this. But you should also be proud that the community has these discussions as its healthy and important to game development and community support. For every idea thats discarded or turned down, another might be smiled on and considered :).
  13. I think Hinterland and specifically The Long Dark will be fine without having had to showcase the game at E3. Its already an established game on steam for anyone that enjoys this style of game. Its community is big and even in my small local world, everyone i know that is a gamer has heard of it and owns it and also endorses it through word of mouth. I do wonder sometimes if Hinterland should charge for the story episodes as i think its worth it but thats my own opinion. I know the price of the game has or will increase in general on Steam etc but for existing owners i really dont think people would mind paying for each story episode. I doesn't even have to be very much at all, but every little helps the developers and team to grow and stay strong. But thats my own opinion. However, E3 is a great gaming convention but sometimes not always the right call for a team or game . (Although i do have my eye on the announced prequel for Life is Strange ;). )
  14. Hiya! I just completed Life Is Strange episodes 1-5 of Season 1 and i really enjoyed it!!. I love its art style. Just like The Long Dark, Life Is Strange has its own unique art look and graphics and it was very appealing. The game is a slow pace and a patient game where you take time to make decisions, some big and some small and the story. This pace also helps you get to know all the characters well and make attachments to them. The ending had me in complete tears and i felt emotionally drained after. This was an amazing feeling and credit to the game designers and writers to create that. I think there are 2 new games coming in the future. One is a prequel 'Before the Storm' that was shown at this years E3 which looked great and i also heard they are making a sequel to the first season as well. I highly recommend playing it if you havent already.
  15. Oh yes that could be it. Its just something i noticed in the trailer. That makes sense. She is likely on the laptop at the beginning of the story.