Duplicate fishing hut in CH


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Found a funny thing - two fishing huts placed directly on top of each each other. In effect cupboard has 4 drawers instead of 2, and 2 furnaces instead of 1.

P.S. Should I post findings like these in bugs forum instead?

screen_(614, 25, 291)_bade0348-91af-45dc-bcf7-4db327d02ec4.png

screen_(613, 24, 291)_9ef603d2-6ed0-4ddd-8c68-42a2ca7035ca.png

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I had the same in March, before the last BIG update, but after this update I could not replicate this issue. The hut that was doubled was the one with the rifle spawn, between "JackHammerRabbit Island" and "Misantrope's Grave" Island :)

I have only 2 screenshots left from this hut, you can see doubled pot stove. One stove is lit and burning, another one is unlit and idle, but both share the same position, can be found by pixel-hunting with a mouse around the hut. The first one is burning:


The second one is NOT burning:


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