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  1. I found a way to lessen the startup trouble: I don't quit the game, just alt-tab and keep it suspended in background. So far 2 days no trouble starting it LUL
  2. Restart did the job. Thanks for reminding me that. I didn't restart for half a year.
  3. I was playing the game and had to quit fast so I just did Alt-F4 as I did many times before. But this time something went wrong - the game does not start anymore. Black screen and nothing happens. I've tried waiting for 30 minutes, uninstall/reinstall, verify game files in Steam, delete all the saves and files from \AppData\Local\Hinterland What else can I try to resurrect the game? 1600+ hours and last achievement left lol
  4. Guys, PLEASE change the description of the "fishing" quest to point people NOT to the container IN the cabin, but outside. I was mislead by the quest description and unintentionally opened a restricted container and suffered a reputation loss. Sorry guys, but I got really triggered by this.
  5. on Mac it's even simpler - just drag the icon of open game left, so it stays in your dock Steam will not count the hours you've played and Steam FPS gauge is not available, but whatev
  6. For me it allows to operate the frozen carcass, but in the line below the "harvesting tool" instead of estimated time it says "need tool to harvest" but still I can harvest with bare hands, I just don't know how much time it will take.
  7. Here are similar screens, check the wind protection numbers on my char:
  8. I wear an orange parka and get "feels like" 0˚C I wear a windbreaker on top of it and it gets -3˚C looks like a glitch in layering formulae It's not the first time I notice that but this time I screened it properly
  9. This deer walks around the old farm in Forlorn Muskeg and is always scared by my movements inside/outside the barn. I crept upon him, but could not shoot him because he is invisible.
  10. I had 10 arrows but it shows "7 more" when I wield the bow. I used the red one so it broke down - still the game shows 7 when I wield the bow.
  11. Just a view on somebody's fire at the Mystery Lake. Some trappers or poachers. Or maybe it's challenge seekers, stalking my neighbour Vlad The Old Bear.
  12. My first start in Muskeg began with that view. 10/10 starting place and time. The spawn place was far end of the railway.
  13. For now any tea is better than water: cups are 100 ml but quench thirst exactly as 250 ml of water + they give heat bonus + 100 ccal. For thirst I did measure - full thirst is sated by 670 ml of water or by 3 cups of drinks. 2 cups fill you up exactly as 0.5 of water.
  14. good idea now you have the only way - start a new game (on pilgrim preferably) and read away, rinse and repeat grinding for badges is so stupid I did it with all badges except fire starting one
  15. yep, thats the forest dog alright, we shoot them on sight
  16. I know a rifle loses ammo weight when using a door to come inside/outside. Loaded rifle's weight is 4.2 kg (4 kg is rifle + 200 grams from 10 ammo), after going through any door the rifle weight becomes 4 kg (you can see it in inventory) and your total load loses 200 grams. If you drop+take or wield+holster this rifle - it gets 200 grams back. Am I right? Check my screens: rifle loses 0.2 kg and total load also loses 0.2 kg
  17. yeah there is doubled rope in Forest Outlook in Mystery Lake, saw it two times
  18. yeah, new rocks do not rock at all, they look colored like a soap bubbles