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I bet this has been mentioned before...












I know it would be hard to visualize this in 3D. But I don't think it is necessary. The game is already a good mix of abstract atmosphere, living a lot from the imagination in the players head. 

So even if the game does not visualize the object in the 3D world, but only shows it as an icon on the GUI and maybe by fiddling around with the movement controls and feeling how the character moves I think it would be a cool upgrade to construct.




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Welcome to the forums @Dreepa!

Sleds have been discussed before, and as far as I know, the community seems to agree on them.

Something way easier to program right now would be backpack upgrades. I know from experience that backpacks matter a lot in weight distribution, and well-distributed weight is easier to carry. I propose to make weight a 'feels like'-total similar to temperature, which is affected by fatigue, afflictions and the backpack used. I.e. simple city-packs won't allow you to carry a lot whereas professional hiking or military packs would allow you to carry more.

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1 minute ago, Ruruwawa said:

I far prefer these kinds of capacity upgrades to the Muscleman proposals.

Some game-play related to physiology wouldn't really hurt. As long as it is not becoming "super muscleman".... :)

I mean, basic physiology aspects were already in the very old "Robinson's requiem" from 1994,  which I still consider a milestone in the survival genre. I think it is quite common to have some kind of "body fitness" aspect that can change throughout the game. Stuff like always eating meat but no vitamins (=scurvy). Or only eating non protein food (seizures / spasms). Also, if you eat a lot regularily you have the capacity to increase your strength, while always being on the low end of the spectrum would make your body degrade, even if surviving.

I don't think one carrying capacity upgrade via tools would necessarily mean there is no room for some more physiological game-play. But I guess in the end it comes down to cost/effort for the devs and what they really wanna do.

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Calories, fatigue, carry weight, and endurance are intertwined with a lot of game systems.  If they make a muscleman change, it's likely to touch the balance of nearly every major system in the game.  At best, that's significant dev/test time diverted from work on other stuff we might want even more, like the story or stuff on the roadmap.

What I like about your sled proposal is that it's pretty easy to envision tradeoffs that make it a meaningful tactical choice without deep changes to core game systems.  Something you'd use in the right circumstances but not all the time.  Examples (not suggestions):

  • can't sprint
  • slower walk speed
  • to climb ropes you need to unload and carry the sled up the rope separately
  • costly to build
  • must repair

But to be honest, carry weight isn't an issue for me.  I plan for it and manage it, and it rarely comes up as a problem any more.

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10 hours ago, Ruruwawa said:

But to be honest, carry weight isn't an issue for me.  I plan for it and manage it, and it rarely comes up as a problem any more.

Maybe it wouldn't be useful for everyday task but overweight comes up quickly when one wants to change shelter, so it may be a good solution to allow more nomadism!

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