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  1. Yea speculation time!!!! I like your ideas on the aurora. I always fought the Aurora is a result of solar flares (since they are caused by them). More precisely, since every electrical installation went down... It may have been caused by a solar flare strong enough to repel earth's magnetic field close enough to earth and thus induction happens. Making current pass through everything that can conduct electricity. That would explain this screenshot too: High current passing through the door (well with some inconsistency imo but anyway). So yea, if the initial Aurora brang down everything, other ones, less strong, might just induce those current without damaging even more those devices.
  2. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. That's funny how I recently (less than 1 week ago) asked some news about story mode, and @Patrick Carlson said to wait patiently, and shortly after, there is a post giving us some news... That shows how, imo, you Hinterland's team, have a great sense of timing, sharing with us at the right moment. You guys really do a great job. It seems like a real amount of work you achieving here. Can't wait to test all of it... Seeing all this makes me great not have been a crowdfunding baker, I would definitely have invested more in your game Anyway, T H A N K S
  3. Very true too. More 1st person presence may remove this aspect
  4. That depends of what you want to achieve. In my opinion, if the game was only and only a survival game, then yes, no need for a lot 1st person presence. But the as a poetic, artistic vibe it seems to develop on purpose. It's not just about survival. It's about a story of a human, thus, it's needed to have more presence, more material for this "awe" moments. Just imagine after 30 days of barely surviving, looking at yourself in a mirror, or when you're in plain dark and try to clumsily light a match. All this add to the beauty (imo). So that depends. Depends how it's realised too.
  5. And for my part I disagree... partially. In the current state of the game, this mechanic is somewhat okay imo. But this kind of decisions should have more impact like: Should I sleep in middle of nowhere before exhaution, risking to be caught by a wolf/bear/other, or should I take some more risks to find a decent shelter? Should I skin my deer here before a blizzard or wolves coming or should I carry the corpse to a safe place, risking injuries and/or other stuffs? There is a bear on my path, should I sleep here, knowing that it may leave but risking to freeze or being spotted without being able to do anything, or do I try to sneak behind it?
  6. I bet it's hard to manage somehow, resist the temptation of spoiling and so on ^^. Thanks anyway, I'll just have to grin and bear it until you give us some news on it!
  7. Hello there. For starters, I hope I won't bother you with my question, also, I'm not sure it fit on this forum so, if it doesn't, I'm sorry and may you please move this thread to the appropriate section? Thanks! so for the actual question... It's quite simple actually, I'd like to know, if possible, how the developpement of the story mode is going (like 50%finished ? 60% 5%), and, if you're kind enough, an approximate time window for it's release! if you can't (or won't) answer those questions, I perfectly understand your choicr ( and know i'm sorry) Anyway, thanks for according a part of your time
  8. Hmm a sandbox roadmap update? And a soon to come sandbox update... Looks like it's the best time re-invest some time in TLD
  9. Definitely great and logical. I think we should have a Flask too, so we can always, even without bottle, have 1L or 2L of water with us!
  10. From a purely scientific side... Auroras are visual effects of solar particles passing through the magnetic field, ending up in the athmosphere. My explanation for events occuring in the game, is that solar flares powerful enough strikes Earth's magnetic field so hard that it's repelled close to the surface ( at least below our athmosphere ), to the point that induction phenomenon is so great that everything that can conduct (easily enough, since everything can in some measures) electricity with very High intensity, ruinning every electric installation (too much power passing through them, destroying the components, even the toughest ones). All this to said that if a "realistic" concept about the aurora is followed, maybe Aurora-related events are limited once the first one occurs. So we could things like metals heating up, maybe animals, which for some are sensitives to that, adopting a strange behavior, maybe huge storms, strange weather, and things of this kind. But if the aurora is based on a "non-realistic" concept, then it can really be anything. So it's up to the devs ^^
  11. Understood, that's always good to know
  12. Ahah looks like you're a doctor, or something close from it? I guess it might be this, I said cauterize due to my lack of medical vocabulary, but I heard (or saw) that in an emergency putting a wound in snow might help reduce bleeding so
  13. Resethel


    That's quite a life, one you seems to enjoy . I bet the dev team will be happy of your message, and your presence here. So do we. Welcome to the forum!!!
  14. Only ~45hours. Yet i felt like I mastered a lot of things after 24+hours (not everything). I was able to make: 105 days in Voyager, All challenges, 40 days on stalker + a lot of messing around so far. Eh... I look less experimented than I thought when I see everyone playtimes ^^
  15. That's original I doesn't seems to fit this game though...Throwing stuff at humans is doable since they're slow targets, but at wildlife, not so sure. It sounds like a waste of effort to me. Since one must be really good to boast about being able to kill with thrown knifes. Plus, even if you touch your target, unless it's a rabbit (which is even harder to touch, remember there would be no aim indicator), you'll probably just cause some minor bleeding and the prey will either attack you or flee with you knife (since chances are low you'll get a"critical hit")