Sleeping in Cars


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11 hours ago, DrOs666 said:

i just tried , you can sleep in car with cabin fever on an can pass time too. 3.25 Xbox one

That's intentional as far as I can tell. Locations without loading screens and outside temperatures (e.g. cars, fishing huts, cave entries, the green barns in PV, etc.) count as "outdoors" for the cabin fever mechanics. You don't actually have to sleep beneath the open sky. :normal:

13 hours ago, hamumbra2000 said:

Tried it, still unable to sleep in cars :/

Strange. I've explained how to sleep inside cars for someone else a while ago in this thread here - maybe the screenshots I took will help you to find the option. If it's still not working for you (although you have a bedroll in your inventory ofc.) you might want to write a bug report.:winky:


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I had to sleep in a car during a blizzard on the DP map and I was ok.  Maybe it was because the DP map isn't as cold as the other maps?  Or I was fully decked out with scarf, hat and underwear extras?  I've read that starting a fire on the shelter side of a car can also keep you warm, but I haven't tried this myself.




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