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  1. A deal like this is what brought me to TLD in the first place. Stupid cheap. Seeing the hundreds of hours I have in it, I feel a little ashamed. And... dirty.
  2. The fact that details such as this attract community attention is testament to how good the game really is.
  3. Wait... the, uh... "rare goodie" wasn't inside? Ugh! It might be that
  4. It's funny you say this... I thought the very same thing while I was down there. It reminds me very much of the pitcher plant in its design. Some sweet looking goodies at the bottom, an easy descent and a deceptively disproportional ascent.
  5. It seems to, yes. Which makes it unique in my experience. I like to think it's intentionally designed this way instead of being an oversight. It makes sense, being dug into permafrost. Mountaineer's is now my preferred long-term survival locale because of this. (I also don't mind sleeping in my clothes.) Of note, however: @Scyzara reports in another thread that she contracted cabin fever recently from within the Hut. I'm therefore not sure if all attributes of the Hut are being changed to reflect "indoor-ness". I certainly hope not. All those holes in the place ought to count for something.
  6. That's comforting to know. I got curious and Googled around. Looks like it works with Nvidia Physx? I defer to the superior knowledge of those who actually know what they're talking about.
  7. I've often thought this myself. My worry is that adding friction physics might require using a different game engine entirely. (I wish I knew more about Unity.) If that's the case, I think I'd rather stay the course with the current development plan.
  8. This approach also has the benefit of having fewer tools to schlep to a new zone when migrating. Four pound axes add up in a hurry. I do have mixed feelings about significantly reducing the number of tools, though. In my current Stalker game, I found three axes and only two knives in ML. Cutting the spawn rate might well mean that only the one mandatory spawn occurs. I can see where many deaths might occur on startup before that one tool is ever found.
  9. Yeah, upon further thought, I think I like others' suggestion better: just make the existing containers moveable outdoors. The devs seem to have storage in mind as a limited commodity, and being able to dig a storage pit wherever you please might undercut that. On the other hand, some indoor containers are not and should not be moveable (e.g., lockers,) so adding containers to the world might be necessary to make this a workable solution. You do make a good point about no-tool storage in permafrost regions. My own backpacking adventures have been significantly further south, so some time with a shovel or cat-holing trowel (yuck) has always been necessary for me to achieve a significant temperature benefit. (At least the deeper you go, the less smell escapes to attract critters.) Has it been confirmed that a shovel is already on the roadmap for primitive shelter building? I came to the game too late to know how temporary shelters were handled before they were removed.
  10. Dinhammer

    Go blind

    Yeah, I regretted that one as soon as I posted it. /facepalm In all seriousness, imposing blindness as a penalty for staying outside too long seems to be a bit in conflict with the recent penalties imposed for staying too long *inside*.
  11. Dinhammer

    Go blind

    You should only go blind if you spend too much time by yourself in Trapper's Cabin.
  12. Dinhammer


    Woo hoo! The floor of Trapper's Cabin is in your debt.
  13. This is great news. I think I may just do like @Ruruwawa and junk my problem-child save to experiment with a new one.
  14. Personally, I enjoy the photojournalistic aspect of your posts. You're going to laugh at this, but the image that initially hooked me was from "Playing with Matches" - the coffee and newspaper on the Mountaineer's porch. It was something so simple, yet it showed RP depth I wish I had in my game. The image of all the supplies neatly put away rather contrasts with my method of storage (hit "drop all" and let the chips fall where they may.) I dunno... your passion for playing just... shows through. And it's contagious. Put another way, I go to Drifter's thread for education on how to play. I come to you for inspiration on *why* to play. You could be a photojournalist IRL for all I know. If not, keep it on your short list.