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  1. Also the hunter’s blind by Alan’s cave! I think I’ve had it spawn there but not at the other locations. OP, I did a day 5 summit from a AC spawn (so I did have plenty of cloth for the snow shelter by the base of the last rope climb, unlike the TWM spawn which gives you none) and all I can say is: it’s not worth it IMO. The only loot that degrades before day 40ish is the container with the canned food. Better to find the bedroll and get the bow and arrow first. Makes the whole journey much safer and less wasteful of matches. IMO. I prefer instead to rush HRV after I get the bow and
  2. Can I ask you a question since you have a lot of experience on IL? I know the drop torch aim rock trick for scaring off wolves. It seems to work 100%. First Q: Can I am my bow and arrow instead of aiming a rock and will it have the same effect? Second Q: Another method to scare wolves is to throw the torch at them after they’ve begun their charge. This used to work 100% for me, or so I thought. However recently I’ve noticed that sometimes the wolf will stop their charge in front of the torch and start growling at me. This seems to be the case especially when I’m ov
  3. Desolation Point is not so difficult if you are willing to ration food using starvation tactics in early game. But if you want the well fed bonus by day 3, it can be a serious issue for the DP start due to lack of food. Basically, like others said, you have to leave DP on day 2 or 3 to search for food in CH. About food: there is usually a fish washed near the Hibernia docks, there are rabbits on the island near Riken and Katie’s Secluded corner has rabbits and a deer carcass. Also some rabbits near the stone church. Enough food to last a few days, but then you have to scoot to CH. Problem is,
  4. Maybe you’re the right person to ask. On my only HRV start I got the southern signal fire, which I know is accessible without a hatchet. Signal fire grants the mackinaw jacket, hammer, and sewing kit, I believe. But is the northern signal fire accessible without a hatchet? If so, you can always get full tools on HRV independent of the randomized loot tables. It’s definitely a significant advantage to have full tools available with set spawn points on one map. To be fair, I don’t know whether I would call HRV start “easy”. It definitely requires significant map knowledge to k
  5. For regular difficulty starts, my favorite is TWM. You can loot the mountaineer’s hut and nearby fishing hut and find guaranteed matches, gloves, usually a jacket, and usually a tool. Then head immediately to PV. More recently I’ve discovered the awesome nature of HRV and AC starts. Specifically, HRV on interloper provides: guaranteed Mackinaw jacket, combat pants, wool ear wrap, bedroll, Hacksaw, Hammer, and several boxes of matches. AC is great for the technical backpack and crampons, but has less of the other guaranteed high-tier loot. Overall, I think HRV wins as the best start on int
  6. Timberwolf mountain is a great start. The classic route is to go to PV (Prepper Cache —> Barn —> Farm —> Signal Hill). Hopefully by that point you’ll have a hacksaw and can start cutting Birch/Maple. From Signal Hill go to the cave that leads to the river that leads to the Dam in ML.Then you can head to the ravine to get an early game Flare Gun. After, head to Costal Highway and continue the search for the hacksaw if you didn’t find it in PV. Then head to DP for your forge work. Alternately, you can stay to loot ML and head to FM for the forge. A more adva
  7. On interloper I emphasize keeping my weight low. Coal has the highest burn time per weight ratio. It’s the best bang for the buck! When I leave the house for a hunting or looting expedition I’ll often take 1 stick and 5 pieces of coal. The stick is used to light the fire and the coal to fuel it.
  8. Yes, one steak doesn’t trigger a scent bar. IIRC 3 cooked steaks trigger the first scent bar. But did you read the thread I linked? It contradicts what you said. A single steak does affect the tracking behavior of wolves. What I said is also not entirely accurate. Let me clarify. The wolves tracking radius is determined from an explicit formula in the base code of Long Dark. Tracking radius is determined by the players scent value and wind direction. If the distance between player and wolf is less than tracking radius, wolf always tracks the player. For simplicity, ass
  9. This isn’t true AFAIK. Carrying one steak won’t trigger the scent bar, but will still cause wolves to track you. This is how it works in interloper, at least. I suspect stalker is the same. See here for more: