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  1. Not sure if this has already been reported but since the chapter update I keep loosing the starting deer carcass The last time it was on Ravine- the one by the rope point down - went to harvest it but changed my mind before I started as I needed rest went to one of the caves to sleep and when I returned it was gone - happened on Stalker and Loper games but not something I've seen before?
  2. All great tips but so far I've been hampered by constant blizzards as with life sucess need a little luck still onwards and upwards
  3. Thought this might be stage one of geting a tame wolf
  4. 35. one too many beers before picking up the controller
  5. triple a games companies take years to respond to bugs you guys do the games industry proud
  6. Had a bit of a revelation over the last few days I'm playing Loper like I did stalker and wondering why i keep running into trouble - realising its not a race has made a big difference in how I'm doing, don't get me wrong I could still fall on my face as any moment but I feel like I'm progressing faster by slowing down
  7. if you could have a fire and craft in it it would be fantastic
  8. Canadian farmers introduced them in the 80's - loads have since escaped
  9. not so worried about food items but maybe a way of drying fish/meat so it lighter and lasts longer would be good
  10. I would be surprised if they are handling the ecommerce themselves? If they are they are probably too busy elsewhere - if they are not it's probably price prohibitive at the moment with all the added covid precautions
  11. I tend to avoid wolf and Bear meat unless I get desperate only had risk of Intestinal Parasites so far, it I get them at the point I need to think about eating wolf meat I think it would be game over cattails and burchbark for the win
  12. loper run 6 is fairing better - I'm in costal highway I've a knife saw heavy hammer and enough arrow head to make robin hood proud just need to cure the branches and I'll be ready to start hunting - just need to remember which house I left them in Think I'll head over to Mystery lake but spend some time in Ravine first - burchbark tea did me proud the last long run and there are zero predators
  13. Had the same thing happen to me yesterday A save reload worked for me too
  14. I definatly need to find my Rhythm Doesn't help that loper 5 started in Ash canyon- might as well have thrown me out of the plane at 2000 feet