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  1. Corso

    Tropic location

    I like what you did there
  2. Why am I enjoying someone elses suffering so much...
  3. 2) you cannot climb a tree to hide from the wolves because they are super tree climbing wolves and yet i can't walk over a log, dip or odd stone...
  4. Happy enough to wait for this stuff to be sorted out with TLD2
  5. Corso

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    Honestly i paid what I consider very little for TLD on PS4 - I wouldn't have been upset if all I'd got was 1-2 updates for the survival mode it would still have been a ton more value than some of the full price games I've bought in the last couple of years. Wintermute has however left me a little cold and felt like just a longer vesion of one of the challenge modes - not that I hated the story, just that with knowing the mechanics and map inside out I was left with little extra to experience
  6. Gloves alone would be enough for me
  7. Zombies...... sorry wrong forum honestly though what ever it is it'll keep me playing and that's nothing but good...
  8. Corso


    Thanks all for kaing me feel welcome another great thing about TLD is I'd previously never heard of First Aid Kit what a great band
  9. One of these? Yes they are in survival mode
  10. loved it too, ended far too quickly never mind EP4 and EP5 I want seasons 2,3,4....
  11. Being an old gamer , finding solice since the 80's (coin slot arcades, atari, spectrum, commodore they all got me through my childhood). The ability to switch off, just a bit has always let me rest. As I've grown older and taken on more responsibility - for myself, my family and even strangers (I'm in healthcare). Experiences like TLD have become an essentail reset button whatever direction this experience is going I'm happy to ride along, even if I suck with rocks and rifles