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  1. I think flint should be a findable item in the game, you could find it in lighters if you took them apart and every shop has a flint and steel spark thing to start blow torches. This is what I was thinking for a shop spark maker. But they last for a long time, my dad still has his from 20 years ago. this could be a rare find in any autobody shops or even a guy who was really into car and mechanics might have left one.
  2. A shovel would be such a useful tool! digging snow shelters and food stores would be great! Unfortunately, in-game lore dictates that compasses don't work (geomagnetic stuff and all) but I think finding a compass to break into parts would be cool. A thermos would be such an added bonus for the game! to help keep your core temperature up by drinking a hot drink would add an extra level of preparation to the game and just a fun bonus of realism. I also think in terms of repairing thermoses, you could use sawdust. A thermos is pretty much the inside cup, and an insulated metal holder.
  3. Leo Sky

    ski and sled

    A sled would be really cool, I think you probably wouldn't be able to sprint with a sled very well, and you would need guts or rope to attach it to yourself, but sleds are something you see around in-game and it would be so cool to have a use for them!!
  4. Leo Sky

    Map marker

    I think It would be cool if you could add notes to spray paint markers on the map, like if you marked something you could say a little 5-word blurb like "return later" or "left pelts" or "workbench here"
  5. My scariest moment outdoors was for sure the time the biggest bear I'd ever seen chased me up a hill. So I was about 14 at the time, and I was listening to some music, eating a mango fruit bar, walking down the way to go grab an apple from an apple tree at the bottom of the hill. Then suddenly, I look up to through the tree and see... A Leg. It was about 70 feet away from me and it was BY FAR the biggest bear I had EVER seen. I had had experience with bears my entire life, so naturally, I did the dumbest thing I could do, I ran. I ran back to the cabin, and instead of going into the cab
  6. I have two bear encounters that I'd say are my top pick. But I'll do a speed round. the time my sister dropped her glove in a stream while cross-country skiing, why her glove was off, nobody knows. The time I went mountain biking and veered off into the ditch to avoid my sister, slammed on the breaks as my front wheel got stuck in the ditch and as I flew over my handlebars, my crotch made a serious connection with my handlebars, before falling flat on my face, and as a final cherry on top: My bike fell on top of me. I was in so much pain I couldn't get it off. Held any ice pack to
  7. Hey! I'm Sky! I'm a nerd who loves the outdoors, but lives in the city! I used to watch Stacy Plays play the Long Dark when I was younger, and I loved it! finally when I got older and my parents let me choose some games I got The Long Dark. That was about 3 years ago and I've been playing ever since! what I love about the long dark is the realism and the feeling that everything is up to you and there isn't anyone to guide you through survival. It's like problem-solving with multiple solutions that may all end in your death! I'm still surprisingly bad at the game, but I find it relaxing and I s
  8. I think it would be really cool if you could make squirrel snares in-game! In-Game, I don't think you would need a workbench, you would need x3 sticks and snare wire. Then you could find a tree to place it against. I think this would add more depth to the game because this is one of the firsts snares they teach in basic survival training. In real life, you take a stick and some snare wire, wrap the wire (loosely) around the stick and make a loop with a slip knot with the remaining wire. When a squirrel runs down the stick, they get stuck in the wire as it tightens, and they try to ju