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  1. I'd love to hear about what people decide on, because I'm like you when there are times where Im not sure what to carry on me, especially when I decide to move my "base camp" and not be able to carry everything. But when I am just exploring and have settled in a spot, I prefer focusing more to have at least 10kg free from the weight limit since most items are small or not that heavy, and then if it is anything heavy like car battery, carcass, etc. I'll make a second trip for it with just enough space for that. I do prefer having some sort of canned food (no meats as to not smell), at the most
  2. Hey All! Survival Mode is what I've only played, mostly because when I started TLD there wasnt WM avail yet. It later was introduced but heard it was episodic. I really do want to know more about the story behind what happened in this world and I would imagine story mode explains plenty of the mysteries in the game that it be cool to have answered. I know that buffer memories and notes have a bit of story in them and might fill in what is going on if I collect them all, or most (also pretty insterested in trying out the bread recipe i found, haha). I will eventually get into Wintermute but for
  3. Saludos desde Argentina! Aunque todos sabemos como este juego te puede dar la sensacion de estar solo, jugando TLD en vivo mostrando por online estoy conociendo mucha gente de Sur America que tambien juegan! Todos muy buena onda y me gusta que todos tenemos en comun el juego, nos ayuda olvidar de la situacion mundial y disfrutar de esta experiencia virtual cautivadora. Como les gustan jugar TLD? Son de jugar el modo de Historia (Story Mode) o prefieren Supervivencia (Survival)? Son de jugar en el nivel "Interloper" o prefieren algo mas casual? Cuales son sus mejores momentos en el juego?
  4. Hey all, Hopefully I'm posting this correctly, if not my bad. I've been streaming casual playthroughs of TLD on my Twitch channel, I play Stalker mode, and usually it's just talking to chat as we see what happens to our protagonist in the game and their eventual demise. Whether you'd like to talk strategy, or your own experiences, or just want to pass by and say hi while the game is on, please feel free to! Also looking forward to check out other streams if you happen to be streaming as well and dont mind the company, since we all know how lonely this game can make you feel, haha. Thanks
  5. Hola! Al final como te fue con todo?
  6. Hey everyone, my name is Eddie! Playing this game on both a pretty outdated PC and checked it out on X Box, with 170+ hours put in the game. I just started streaming and it's mostly TLD Sandbox in Stalker mode, and I've been seeing how many different ways my character sucuumbs to the long dark, haha, longest being 27 continuous days, right when you start getting comfortable with your scenario and then you slip up somehow in this random world this game provides. I love it, I get lost in the game and I highly recommend it to everyone! Cool to join the forum!