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  1. Outstanding! Now I shall return to TLD...I wonder where I stashed that empty rifle 🧐. Thanks for the many bug fixes, HL
  2. In Errant Pilgrim Rifle cartridges and firearm cleaning kits appear to be unavailable on custom low resource settings although the odd rifle and revolver do show up. In 1.67 both ammunition and cleaning kits were plentiful. Perhaps too plentiful IMHO but that's another conversation... Is this change intentional and intended to compel a visit to Bleak Inlet or a bug? I submitted a ticket on this issue but thought I'd ask here. Thanks again for this awesome game. Hope all at Hinterland are well-rested and ready to continue their great work.
  3. epower

    No Ammo

    I agree. As I mentioned I was awash in rifle cartridges in 1.67. In addition to the 18 collected or fired I may have also stashed an additional box of 10 at the Dam trailer. Alas, that character is recovering from a recent wolf assault in Milton so checking on that is not gonna happen anytime soon, especially with Sleepwalker recovery settings. I'd like to see around 10-20 rifle cartridges in the entire world on low custom settings. I'd be ok with less but I do prefer the rifle for hunting large game since pumping arrows into a charging Bullwinkle is most terrifying. Oddly, I've never found loose revolver shells, only the 2 that were already loaded in the weapons. FWIW, I don't believe this is working as intended especially as firearm cleaning kits are also missing. Errant Pilgrim was a massive update and some bugs are likely to sneak thru. Time will tell.
  4. epower

    No Ammo

    Going to report this as a bug. Cleaned out PV (in addition to Milton, DP, CH and ML) and not a single round of ammo or firearm cleaning kit to be found. By contrast my character from 1.67 with identical resource settings and PV, CH, ML plus Milton explored has 18 rifle cartridges and several firearm cleaning kits. As a test I fired up another custom character with the same ultra-low resource settings but passive wildlife and nicer weather to aid quick exploration. Same deal. Rifle found but no ammo or firearm cleaning kits in ML, CH, PV. Intended or not, there's been a major change in regard to Ammunition and firearm cleaning kit availability since the Errant Pilgrim update.
  5. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
  6. epower

    No Ammo

    I remember your Outcast setting. I've always had rifles show up. What remains odd is the complete absence of rifle ammo and firearm cleaning kits.
  7. epower

    No Ammo

    Yes. Absolutely. I always select interloper on the custom screen these slide it over to Custom then make a few adjustments to taste (modified SW4) I'll need to clean out PV and TM before I can make any definitive judgements but it seems like somethings different in Errant pilgrim. Time will tell.
  8. epower

    No Ammo

    Interesting. Interesting. It hasn't worked that way in my pre- Errant Pilgrim custom low resource runs. There I was practically drowning in rifle ammunition (15-20 rounds. some in boxes many loose) Never have found loose revolver ammo before or currently but that's another conversation. In both past (pre-1.67) and current runs I've found rifles and revolvers. Something seems to have changed as I haven't a single rifle cartridge or firearm cleaning kit.
  9. epower

    No Ammo

    Playing a custom Sleepwalker 4 variant with low resource availability but with Rifle and Revolver checked "yes" in the settings. To date I've scoured Mystery Lake, Milton, CH and DP and found not a single stray round of either rifle or Revolver Ammo. I did find two revolvers with 2 rounds each and an empty rifle. Three possibilities: I am despised by the RNG Gods Bug By design Anybody else noticing this on low resource level custom games? I'm going to hit PV and Timberwolf next and will report back.
  10. My initial thought was Toilet paper (!), at long last. After reflection, my money is on a new challenge
  11. Without vest, wind protection is +1 C. Wearing vest, wind protection drops to 0 C. Both sport and down vests. Filed a bug report but thought I'd see if anybody else is seeing this. Now I'm wondering if it's a function of the vests lower wind rating.
  12. The Cave near the Arch may have something for you. Old Island connector for a month!? That will test you.
  13. WTG, @BareSkin you are certainly living true to your name... or you will be on Day 31. As always the tales of your exploits inspire and entertain. If you want to know the breakdown of various difficulty settings, click the link in my signature. Stay warm!
  14. Man, that SW7 game is a very tough test. Thirst and Fatigue settings of Very High are an entirely different game. Yikes. I'm finding the Thirst setting most challenging at game start as fire resources are limited. Hibernia safe yielded second Jeans and a 58% Mackinaw jacket so that's a plus.