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  1. My initial thought was Toilet paper (!), at long last. After reflection, my money is on a new challenge
  2. Without vest, wind protection is +1 C. Wearing vest, wind protection drops to 0 C. Both sport and down vests. Filed a bug report but thought I'd see if anybody else is seeing this. Now I'm wondering if it's a function of the vests lower wind rating.
  3. The Cave near the Arch may have something for you. Old Island connector for a month!? That will test you.
  4. WTG, @BareSkin you are certainly living true to your name... or you will be on Day 31. As always the tales of your exploits inspire and entertain. If you want to know the breakdown of various difficulty settings, click the link in my signature. Stay warm!
  5. Man, that SW7 game is a very tough test. Thirst and Fatigue settings of Very High are an entirely different game. Yikes. I'm finding the Thirst setting most challenging at game start as fire resources are limited. Hibernia safe yielded second Jeans and a 58% Mackinaw jacket so that's a plus.
  6. Damn, that's a brutal end. Adieu, BareSkin 27. I've been enjoying the Sleepwalking Tales. Thanks for sharing them with us, @BareSkin Inspired by your adventures, I've been playing SW4 lately, modified as follows: Rate of World cooling reduced to Medium Item Decay Rate reduced to High Rifle All animal Spawn to Low Wildlife Respawn to Low No rabbit stoning. Snare only MacBeth 10, who hath murdered sleep, is still alive but in much degraded condition. I do like SW4 because it follows Stock Interloper but am toying with an SW4* which would reduce Calorie burn from Very High to High.
  7. Actually they do. After adjusting your custom settings to taste, in your case cycle them to stock Interloper, hit "Confirm" and you'll advance to the "Choose your Region" screen. There are small arrows left and right which allow you to cycle through the various regions. BR is a tough start. I'm stuck there in my modified SW4 run with no sewing kits and depleted clothing. Gotta make it one more day and my guts cure. Thanks for sharing your adventures, @Senauer Good luck out there!
  8. We've got 4DON, why not TDOY (Twelve Days of Yule/Festivus?) And since it's the Solstice, may the light of sun return warm the hearts and spirits of you all.
  9. I missed this when I read, or rather skimmed, the patch notes. Explains why I've seen so much wildlife in recent custom games even though I set both of the above to low. Thanks, @U47
  10. Well how about that. BR was already an favorite map. It just got a bit more enticing.
  11. Difficulty settings for 1.41 attached below as excel and pdf. Haven't been keeping this current (my last update was for v1.35) but I've been playing custom games lately so I'm pretty sure the Wildlife Spawn changes highlighted below are new for 1.41. Any of you running earlier versions may be able to confirm. Stalker up from High, Interloper down from Very High. These settings seem to correlate with the experiences of those playing stalker, i.e. wolves everywhere. Please alert me if I've missed anything. TLD Stock Difficulty Settings v1.41.xlsx TLD stock settings changes for 1.41.pdf TLD Stock Difficulty Settings v1.35.pdf
  12. Hinterland, thou hast murdered sleep... Well done HL. I remain grateful for your continued excellent work. I hope you can enjoy a relaxed and bug-hunting free Holidays
  13. I too have mixed emotions when I snipe Ursa from safety. Setting spear for charge and standing there, that would be an entirely different matter. As for availability, it's a better version of a "Point-ed Stick" so I'd imagine it's craftable. Defense against Fresh Fruit, anyone? If a rare loot item, perhaps there will be a checkbox in custom settings like we have for the Rifle.
  14. Is walking pace slower with a weapon in hand? I've not tested this but it does seem that I walk just a little bit faster when I don't have a rifle at the ready.