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  1. It truly feels like you are surviving in the wilderness. The sound, the views, the colors. It feels so real and so powerfully compelling.
  2. It's like completing an achievement. It has no real in-game purpose but it just serves as a reminder of your accomplishments.
  3. Hello guys (and girls)! I've been on the Steam forums for years but for whatever reason, I never thought to check out the forums here. I haven't played the game in a couple of weeks (school and work and all that fun stuff) but I'm excited to try out the new update and to finally finish Episode Two.
  4. Is there a Discord server for the Long Dark and if not, would you guys consider making an official server on Discord? I find that I'm on Discord more often than the Steam forums and forums here and it would allow for more discussions about the game and allow for players to play along with each through voice chat, etc.