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    Sled crafting

    @kristaok, I found the following in the latest Milto Mailbag (link to post after the quote) Hmm...it would be a huge amount of work. I don't think taming a Wolf would make sense, but perhaps a dog companion? I'm not sure we'd be able to pull it off. I do like the idea, but creating a good AI and meaningful mechanics so that it felt like a real relationship...that'd be a whole other game's worth of work! Link:
  2. I remember I got very nice boots (in the Redux version), I can't remember what else I got.
  3. If you've just waken up, then you have to avoid the bear, leave it eating the other corpse. You have to get into a small cave (I think it was to the far right of the bear) and then... continue by yourself, so no spoiler is given! If you get stuck again, post a picture where you are so that we can point you where to go
  4. Wisdoom


    LOL, this reminded me of the classsssssic (DOS or BIOS, can't remember which) issue: "Keyboard not found, press F1 to continue"
  5. I think it would be awesome. I would limit that 2 or 3 people per game and maybe having some challenges that can only be accomplished by 2 people!
  6. Wisdoom

    Old Bear fight sux

    What I didn't like, was that by not saving, I had to start again waiting for the bear to get out of the way so that I could climb down
  7. Wisdoom


    Instead of doing this, I would put a continue button, so you can take all the time you want to read. The main reason is that many of us are not from an English spoken country (I'm from Uruguay), so we might not read as fast as others do. Also, sometimes I have to read something twice to fully make sense of it. Maybe the button could be enabled/disabled on the settings, for those that would not like that
  8. Yup, it is a good idea indeed!
  9. Wisdoom

    Sled crafting

    I think this could be harder to implement but not impossible. Maybe you can starting feeding a wolf, but it gets tricky to do this well, because you would always have to have a chance of that attacking you. Also, if you reach a level of "friendship", it could defend you from other wolfs. As you can see, it kind of spirals out of simply having a wolf pet Also, for a sled, you would need several wolfs, you cannot expect 1 to carry you, heheheh.
  10. Wisdoom

    Sled crafting

    Since you cannot jump in this game, (who knows why, hehehe), then most can be considered a flat surface. Now, if for example, you have to climb, I can think of 2 options: The silliest would be to drop the content of the sled and go up/down with it, then go back down/up a couple of times to carry the rest If climbing down, you could have an extra rope in the sled and use that to take the sled to the bottom, then you go down. If climbing up, you could tie the rope to the sled and the other end to you, and pull it up once you are up. Of course it requires further thought, but I think it can work, and would be a nice addition.
  11. Wisdoom

    Flare Gun

    I've killed many, I wait for them to charge and then shoot when they are close. I sometimes wait too much and end up defending/fighting it, hehehe. In the story, ammo for the flare gun, there are likely no less than 40, I've used many and still have like 15
  12. That would be such a pain in the wilderness!! Imagine getting attacked by a wolf in the middle of nbr 2
  13. After playing the game for while, the lines "this will come in handy" and "hope no one needs this anymore" get old and I do get tired of hearing them. With that said, it does not affect me that much as to be bothered by them.
  14. Do you know if you have CPU at 100% when this happens? I wonder if there's something in the background that added to this would make it crash. I have almost finished Wintermute and the game never crashed on me. I'm on a Windows 10 and Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card: I hope it gives you something to check and find the problem (in case it is not game related)
  15. As the hoarder that I am, I cannot agree with you