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  1. In wintermute (I don't remember the difficulty, I think it was set on "normal" or an equivalent) I played 20h in mystery lake, I've never seen a moose. Maybe you were lucky.
  2. I think what the devs could do is adding some more options in game settings so that you can turn off the desired complaints.
  3. Hey, I have some questions : How long (in days) was your longest sandbox game ? Have you ever put yourself a number of days as a goal in a sandbox game ? Have you ever had any goal in a sandbox game apart from surviving as long as possible ?
  4. Hey @TheEldritchGod I've shared your maps with other players and here are some feedbacks I had : You did a small mistake on naming the maps : Coastal Highway is marked as Crumbling Highway, The entrance/exit points between maps are not indicated on all places in a number of maps: e.g. Coastal Highway to Crumbling Highway and Pleasant Valley to Coastal Highway. Also, these signs are difficult to make out, perhaps a colour marking would be of help. It would be nice to see some sort of key for the maps since a few icons are hard to understand, When will HRV map be fully releas
  5. Is there any hope of having some of Hinterland merchandise available in an European retailer ? These 16$ shipping are a bit stopping me from buying a 25$ poster
  6. Yes, I think the map have so much potential but not yet used, it would be very cool to be able to "customize" your own map.
  7. I totally agree with you and I already made a similar post to yours. I think the sandbox mode doesn't need another ending screen than dying, because the point of the sandbox mode is to survive as long as possible. What the devs could do is creating new challenges in which you must explore all the regions and where the tasks are very long so you it would look as the sandbox mode but you have an objective that would take you, let's say 100-200 days to accomplish. There could be one challenge for each way to escape / be rescued, or/and a new gaming mode where all the ways are available.
  8. Agreed, I wonder if devs look at it, however the mailbag questions shouldn't be "wish questions"
  9. Will you ever release a collector version of the game ? (when all Wintermute episodes will be released)
  10. Yes but I wasn't complaining, I really enjoy these dispatch etc, I just said it is disappointing to have your questions unanswered but I wouldn't mean it's Raph fault or whatever. I wanted to tell Shy he/she is not the only one but apparently as you said shy's questions has been answered (whether mine hadn't). That's all, I'm not saying Raph is not doing an impressive job.
  11. All my questions also remain unanswered, well we have to deal with this at least they answer some questions but I agree it is disappointing.
  12. Well indeed when I'm posting a positive review on a game, I'm not saying every good aspects of it, whether if it's a negative one, I will insist on the bad aspects. That's why I think you should create some surveys when you release a new update so you can have a realistic overview of players feelings about the new mechanics / changes. In fact, I would like to give my opinion about small aspects of The Long Dark, however I don't know where I could post my review so that the devs can see it.
  13. Do you plan on adding other diseases such as cold or fever ? It would add some realism to the game, linearity to the life gauge, and uses to pharmaceuticals.
  14. Wow nice ! That will help me a lot ! I'm just curious : did you take screen shots from above ? Because the map background is like in the game. If you have not already done it, make a steam guide or find a way to share your maps because I didn't find them when I was searching on internet