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  1. Howdy, I'm posting this topic because I have been thinking about blacksmithing in TLD (The Long Dark) I love it, it's not too unrealistic, but then not too realistic. But I think Blacksmithing can go even more into depth and add that much more to this amazing game. Blacksmithing is crucial when it comes to making your own tools, but we are never really given much more than three options to craft metal items. Their isn't a skill for it as well, and I know resources and time to model or work on this part of the game is super far off or maybe not even in the future, but I'd like to comment anyway
  2. Once I was hunting a wolf and this demonic sounding wolf howled super loud like it was right behind me and freaked me out. I stopped dead in my tracks and all the animals were gone after that. Never knew if it was a game mechanic, or just one of those scary bugs.
  3. Hello all, the name is Swope and I’ve got another idea for The Long Dark. Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome game😊, now for the suggestion of my four ideas. - Insulated Cars 1. Cars as we know it act as a way to protect ourselves from animals and a way to sleep. The only problem is that cars offer little to no armor from the cold (which makes since). But what if we could cover the windows of the vehicle with, say cardboard, or even a blanket to better insulate and make a more adequate place to sleep. - Beds 2. Beds are my wing man, they offer me sleep when I’m
  4. Hello all, I come here with another idea, will it be possible to add some sort of clothing system for beds? It sounds weird I know, but right now almost every bed offers the same amount of warmth bonus when you sleep or pass the time. For instance, being able to find better blankets or pillows to help keep warm at night, do you think something like this could ever be considered? And about cars, you can recover rest inside of them, but it’s almost certain death if you sleep through the whole night in a car, what if you could lay some blankets down in the back seat and cover the car windows with
  5. I had once turned a old pair of socks into a makeshift pair of fingerless glove. (Mainly because I forgot my good gloves during winter in Missouri) And I got to thinking, what if you could turn this type of clothing, into something new since you can’t find it or are in the verge of freezing. For instance, using the extra pants you have you take the denim off of the pants to make a strange (warm?) scarf, or to make a janky looking vest, or like I talked about, making sock gloves. Basically your turning one piece of clothing into something else, a bare minimum but enough to keep you from getting
  6. You do have a point, but I figured that it would be more interesting if you had consequences to dong a task wrong, kinda like if you tried to make a shirt but stitched it wrong, so it offers less protection against the cold or the wind.
  7. will there be any other mini games like the safe? I know there was discussion about interactions with lighting a fire, but is there anything else that you have planned? Maybe like forging the scrap knife, having to hit points of the metal to make a better blade with better durability if you hit it correctly with the heavy hammer. Or anything thing to do with fishing, interactive gun cleaning, or crafting items. Anyways I believe I have spoke my mind, keep up the good work and have a nice day. Sincerely -— Swope25