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  1. Never had either of those crashes fixed in this patch, and never heard of other people getting them, nor have viewers reported or mentioned them on any of my videos or livestreams. However ... Are the ninja wolves being fixed? The ones that just "appear" one pace behind you without a warning growl or bark, and then rip your face off. Also are the telepathic wolves fixed yet? The ones that can predict your aiming point with a firearm or bow and jink to move in a different direction at the exact same time as you start aiming. Are the radar guided wolves fixed yet? The wolves that lock onto you and begin trailing you from half way across the map just because there's line of sight between your location and theirs, even though the wolves themselves are not yet rendered on screen, but their audio effects are playing from the direction they're stalking you from. Are the levitating bears in Forlorn Muskeg being fixed? The ones that can not only walk across weak ice that players fall through, but also melee the player on that same ice without it breaking and the bear falling through, yet the player does fall through the moment the melee finishes and before they can apply medications, despite the bear weighing several times the weight of the player and all their gear.
  4. It has been shown several times on livestreams by different players that Interloper does contain revolvers - the most consistent discoveries being at the HRV mysterious signal fire ... but reports are also surfacing of finding one in Coastal Highway, Pleasant Valley, and now in Bleak Inlet too.
  5. The point of my post is that nowadays they are not afraid of fire, and that is due to lifelong close proximity to humans ... but what about way back when we lived in caves or mud huts and the very first wolves were being domesticated as watchdogs ... which of the canis lupus variants were the ones easiest to tame and overcome their fear of campfires and illuminating burning torches? From those evolved all the varieties of dog we have today.
  6. Domesticated cats and dogs are tamed predators and not afraid of fire ... in fact they enjoy curling up in front of it as much as humans do. Yes I know they're domesticated, but from which species were they domesticated way back yonder when the limit of their domestication was to rove round the settlement and warn of intruders while being thrown a bone or two now and then?
  7. If you are so worried about too much ammo - play on Interloper difficulty ... problem solved.
  8. Didn't like or enjoy them in Episode 3, and expect to like them even less in survival.
  9. Yeah - I remember in Wintermute Predux having to lug the bolt cutters from Mystery Lake to the Gate to the Hunting Lodge in BRR ... urgh - no thanks.
  10. All I can say is that based on the asshattery antics of the timberwolves in Episode 3, I won't be heading to BI in survival mode ... and once they spread out to other regions I may end up uninstalling TLD. From their arrival in Episode 3, the timberwolves (to me) have felt like Raph and Hinterland punishing the playerbase for not previously playing the game according to some never released playstyle guide, or for using loot tables, or Whiteberry's maps, or whatever. Nothing I've read in this thread changes that opinion. Sorry Raph, but you shot way wide of the mark with the timberwolves - all punishment and no reward. HRV was bad enough with it's confusing layout that led to my character's death everytime I spawned there or tried to visit with an established survivor (even on Pilgrim mode), but from what I'm reading - BI and the timberwolves could be what costs TLD a lot of its playerbase.
  11. What does the "EP" in the thread title stand for?
  12. I've been wondering guys ... what if we've all been howling up the wrong tree regarding the new mechanic? Maybe it's nothing to do with ammunition crafting, maybe it's refining generator fuel from lamp oil / fish oil. That would be just as neat and useful in many ways too.
  13. But that's Sketchy Wolf ... sketchy because it gets stuck in the cave walls after glitching into them if you lay a campfire down at a tunnel intersection (any tunnel intersection).
  14. PS4 ... Sony Playstation 4 ... SONY as in Sony Music That'll be the same Sony that issues 1000's of invalid copyright claims on Youtube videos and Twitch VODs for each valid one they issue, and they issue millions of valid ones weekly. Could be a good reason for Hinterland to remove music from PS4 editions. No idea if that's the reason, but as a paranoid Twitch-prone Youtuber who won't even hum to himself when recording anymore, it seems logical enough to me.
  15. So if Fluffy escaped the dam, presumably using the broken window in the last room as it's the only non-door opening ... does that mean fluffy is the lone wolf in Winding River? It could explain why it stays at the dam's end of Winding River - familiar landmark and all that.