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    The day they add cannibals (or zombies, or anything of that ilk) is the day I uninstall the game. The beauty of TLD is that it's you against the elements with the odd crazy animal here and there. It doesn't need anything more than that.
  2. Major spoilers here, so don't watch unless you're completely stuck with any stage of the Aurora Hatch quest. How to find the note that starts the quest, and the supply cache that gives you the keypad code ... How to find the Aurora Hatch (and the perils that surround it ) Inside the Aurora Hatch
  3. I'm wondering if the lady with the bow on the poster is Jeremiah's wife ... or Methuselah's? Either way, it could explain either of them hiding out on the other side of Carter Dam - she looks like one tough lady!
  4. For the short attention spans, I blame twitter and the tweet culture ... or should that be that I blame tweeters and the twit culture?
  5. The main thing in-game that irritates me is watching a gameplay stream or video and the player is sprinting everywhere ... that's not how you survive. Calorie and stamina conservation is essential in a survival situation, and sprinting is the fastest way to run headlong into trouble ... usually in the form of 1000 lbs of angry bear, or five x 200 lb bundles of puppy fluff intent on giving your face a severe licking.
  6. Many thanks @Raphael van Lierop and the whole team - I am super hyped for this (need to get my Episode 2 youtube series finished up quickly now). I started a "clues and hints" thread here at -
  7. From the trailer video and released artworks (Assuming it all takes place in Pleasant Valley as My dodgy memory tells me Raph stated earlier this year) ... New forge in Pleasant valley? - one character is shown aiming a bow with arrowhead on the arrow. Revolver and rifle shown carried by Astrid. New plane crash in Pleasant Valley (looks to be in the woods on Draft Dodgers side of the map) BUT there's 2 different images - one "could be " the summit with reworked plane (both wings and engines still attached), the other definitely at lower elevation in woodland. New township layout at the rural crossroads with church and community hall - signal fire outside community hall. Timberwolves not afraid of fires - one shown leaping over a campfire to get at Astrid. Astrid has new unique toque and fur collared jacket. What else did you spot ... and do you agree with my first observations? Sources :
  8. You don't need to haul it all back to Milton - leave most of the guts to cure in the Mountaineer's Hut for repairs and bowmaking when you get bored on other maps and come back to TWM. Also, leave most of the meat uncooked outside the hut - even if it degrades to 0% before you come back, you can still cook it and boost it up to 50% condition. If you cook it and leave it, there's no way to reheat / refresh the condition.
  9. Is that the Aberystwyth in Welsh Wales, or is there another one somewhere? If it's the Welsh one then I agree.
  10. Hands over a cigar and pats you on the back Well played sir, well played.
  11. Nah - you all got it wrong - these are TIMBER wolves ... they hunt trees to lift their leg beside. They're not interested in humans that keep moving whenever they want to take a wee.
  12. Regardless of the length of my run, HRV has always killed me inside of 3 days there, and I've never lasted more than 48 in TWM ... so ... Out of all the other maps I don't have a stand-out favourite though I did vote for Mystery Lake and The Ravine. Unlike most people, I majorly prefer to base out of the Camp Office in ML - mainly for cooking and firemaking reasons. In the back-wall corner behind the office you can get 3 or 4 fires going at once for cooking up large meat hauls, and they're mostly wind proof except for one specific direction. You also have the snow bank behind the office where you can drop a snow shelter for when crafting in long sessions such as making a full set of skin clothes, and next to it the flat rock overlooking the lake for wolf spotting and starting single-stick fires with the mag lens to get your skill up. All that said though, I rarely spend more than 20 nights in a row at the camp office and roam both the Mystery Lake map and its neighbouring zones, especially the Muskeg - I love the Muskeg and go to Marsh Ridge for vacations or the Spence homestead for camping trips as well as forge runs. I'm also a big fan of Coastal Highway and have almost as long there as Mystery Lake, though my longest ever hermit run was on the coast (200+days straight and that run is approaching 500 days now). Although, I find that Coastal as a whole gives me cabin fever (not my character, but me personally), and I'm usually itching to be off it and moving on as soon as I've looted everywhere and gathered 3 or 4 bear hides and a couple of moose hides. On my live streams, my "Quonset Gaz Station" hoard is legendary amongst the group of streamers I hang out with and with all of our viewers - the entire interior floors of the gas station covered in wolf pelts and having to cure bear and moose hides on the tyre racks, with deer and rabbit skins curing on the shop counter and shelves, guts curing inside the glass fridges. Yet I also have a fondness for Pleasant Valley too - when I left there to move my gear out of Mystery Lake before the Wintermute Redux update in December last year, I left significantly over 300 Kg of meat in the snow outside the farmhouse conservatory, and around 200 Kg outside the red barn, with a fully stocked and prepped abandoned preppers cache set up for doing a TWM venture - - not been back to PV since then though in that run (just as well I have cooking 5 as all the meat will be spoiled, though I'd pre-cooked less than 10% of it and so can get it back to 50% condition from ruined and raw). Heading for TWM is being saved for day 1000 of that run - going in fully prepped and loaded for bear when it happens.
  13. As best as I can remember with over 200 in-game days spent in BRR ... There is only one rockfall blocking the rail tracks on that map There is only one mini ravine with a tree bridge adjacent to that rockfall The problem is at the tree roots end of the tree-bridge (the end closest to Forlorn Muskeg).
  14. Jeremiah also states that Will diverting to Signal Hill from Carter Dam won't put him much out of his way for getting to Perseverence / Perseverance (sp?) Mills as he just has to follow the road north from the signal station ... problem is, the "actual" north road goes past Three Strikes and not through The Long Curve, though the Three Strikes road (currently) is blocked by the map edge mountains and turns into a forked trail that turns both ways along the inside of the mountains. So I'm guessing that The Long Curve road is the one he actually means - perhaps it's a way of getting McKenzie to pass quickly through PV without exploring it?
  15. Just had this copyright claim appear for a video that's scheduled and not even live yet ... It's claiming against "The Lion's Roar" - the Wintermute theme tune introduced with Wintermute Redux, which I've mixed with game trailer and game play footage for the intro to my Wintermute playthrough videos. @Raphael van Lierop please could you have someone clarify if we can use that theme in videos or not - many thanks. 2019 Wintermute Redux Intro 25s.mp4