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  1. I've been wondering guys ... what if we've all been howling up the wrong tree regarding the new mechanic? Maybe it's nothing to do with ammunition crafting, maybe it's refining generator fuel from lamp oil / fish oil. That would be just as neat and useful in many ways too.
  2. But that's Sketchy Wolf ... sketchy because it gets stuck in the cave walls after glitching into them if you lay a campfire down at a tunnel intersection (any tunnel intersection).
  3. PS4 ... Sony Playstation 4 ... SONY as in Sony Music That'll be the same Sony that issues 1000's of invalid copyright claims on Youtube videos and Twitch VODs for each valid one they issue, and they issue millions of valid ones weekly. Could be a good reason for Hinterland to remove music from PS4 editions. No idea if that's the reason, but as a paranoid Twitch-prone Youtuber who won't even hum to himself when recording anymore, it seems logical enough to me.
  4. So if Fluffy escaped the dam, presumably using the broken window in the last room as it's the only non-door opening ... does that mean fluffy is the lone wolf in Winding River? It could explain why it stays at the dam's end of Winding River - familiar landmark and all that.
  5. That all looks awesome @Raphael van Lierop - I'm really looking forward to it, thank you. For the rest of you, I think you all missed the ripper hint in the picture ...
  6. A slight variation of that could be that by the end of day 3 (aurora day and before the big freeze) you have to have enough rabbit, deer and wolf skins to make the rabbitskin hat and mitts, wolfskin coat, and deerskin pants and boots. The practicality being that day one you collect deer hides from the carcasses and get your rabbit snares down to collecrt tthe rabbit skins. Day 2 with wolves but no aurora is canine killing time, and day 3 is indoor day curing and crafting. Day 4 - you need the weather protection and warmth from those animal skin clothes.
  7. In these forums and on other social media I have seen lots of comments saying basically the same thing ... "I have 140-ish revolver rounds but can't find the revolver". I've not yet seen one post, video, or stream that says ... "Yaay I have the revolver", nor one that shows the revolver in game. So the open question is ... Where do we get the revolver, or can we not, or is the revolver bugged in the loot list and not appearing?
  8. Gazbeard

    4DON 2019

    Oh man - Raph's been naughty - have played 12.5 hours straight and covered all 4 maps and still not found the revolver - I've got enough ammo for it to re-enact The Alamo though.
  9. At my age, frustration is the only pleasure I have left
  10. Nope - based on last year's event I am losing game time for day 1 and the ability to go to every location before the wolves appear
  11. Have updated through Steam but get no option to start 4DON ... and yup, it's 20 minutes past 10pm PT 5:20am here in the UK and been awake all night waiting for this 😢
  12. I figured out what happened to the 250 kg of uncooked meats - it probably all hit 0% condition and despawned because it was placed in a container. When I checked carefully, there was also no 0% cooked meat in the outside Lost & Found box either when I fully expected there would be. Lowest condition meat in the box was at 1%. Overall, I only recovered around 50Kg of meats from the red box. It's not a huge problem, more of an irritation ... at least the animal skins all survived. However, I'm very pleased that unlike last year, I didn't have to haul everything through to Winding River and leave it in the cave. Wondering what I'll discover about the loot at the abandoned preppers cache over at the TWM transit point when i finally get there.
  13. I rejoined (after update) in the PV farmhouse - I had 4 red lost and found boxes there ... cellar, hallway, outside front porch, upstairs bedroom. The loot they contained was mostly correct - only the uncooked bear, moose, deer, and wolf meats were missing (all 250kg+ of it) however the 100kg+ of cooked meats were in the red box on the front porch (together with 50-ish cattail heads and about the same number of sticks, that appeared from nowhere). I also lost 17 days from the run's total - I had saved and exited at day 473 about 2 weeks before the update, and was at day 457 when I logged in after the update. I had hoped to finally hit day 500 this week exploring the revised PV map.
  14. @Raphael van Lierop Any update on the Lost & Found boxes? Friday's Dev Diary said there'd be more info about their locations nearer the update. (Just want to know where to check for them as I have so much loot in PV I'd never know if something was missing until I needed it.)