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  1. So many bedrolls to loot - so little weight allowance! Now we absolutely need a drag sled in the game.
  2. Are you so unfamiliar with the game that you have ask for screenshot or co-ordinates for the ONLY tree bridge in the Broken Railroad region? Perhaps Raph should make it a condition of employment that staff play a minimum number of hours per week ... even if only in Pilgrim mode. From Forlorn Muskeg, follow the rail tracks into Broken railroad until you reach the rockfall/avalanche that blocked the tracks (and gave the map its name?) then turn right and go down the slope towards the river, with the waterfall on your right, and the single solitary lonely only tree bridge on the Broken Railroad map is straight ahead of you ... but watch out for the wolf down there - he's got tooth ache and is grouchy as all hell.
  3. Drinking a HOT rosehip tea as a pain killer has NEVER given the heat bonus that drinking it purely as a tea has given. The same applies to Reishi when drinking it hot as a food poisoning or intestinal parasites cure. I can't recall exactly and would need to test, but I'm pretty sure coffee also only gives you fatigue reduction and not warming up bonus when drunk hot while fatigued. It seems to me (as an outright guess) that the code has an either/or loop that applies the warm-up bonus if the relevant affliction is not present, OR applies the affliction remedy if it is present, but then does not provide the warm-up bonus. This would be similar to painkillers or rosehip tea being needed for each sprain seperately when you have multiple sprains, rather than one dose treating all current sprain pains. Disclosure - over 1,000 hours played in-game and upwards of 200 TLD videos on Youtube, plus an unknown (large) number of hours streamed on Twitch. I tend to notice discrepancies like these as my streams and vids are in the let's play / tutorial style rather than simple speed runs and "do daft stuff to be entertaining" style. Edit: typo
  4. Same thing is happening in Wintermute Redux with the tree bridge in BRR at the mini ravine where the rockfall has blocked the rail tracks.
  5. Hi everyone - there is a special TLD Streamers Round Table starting tonight at about 1:00am UK / 5:00pm PST on twitch with a bunch of The Long Dark streamers including - Atheenon, DystOptimist, Wizarc, Gameslif, TheGazbeard, Kimiota, Deadlikeme, xeroplanes, rand_althor1966, Uncle_Brontosaurus, Deadpool, evilspacemonkey, and maybe a few others. Choose your favourite streamer to watch via their channel (if they're not streaming it, try one of the others' channels) - ask any TLD questions to any of the streamers taking part via chat in the channel you're watching. Should be a fun time with lots of good info from the amount of game experience being pooled.
  6. Let the speculation commence ... OK, so I'm speculating the sheltered hall is a church hall and the person standing guard is the church's pastor ... or Astrid's father, maybe? The clue is in the candles - the first time we've seen them in the TLD game footage (not sure about the trailers) ... does this mean players will get access to them?
  7. Lucky find on the rifle - I searched the Hunting Lodge three times (with and without lantern, in daylight and night time) and didn't find a rifle there even though that's where I most expected to find one.
  8. Hi Ralph, It's just occurred to me ... you already have kerosene lanterns in game, would you ever consider adding kerosene (camping style) stoves in game for cooking with a single pot or can? Maybe even the garden greenhouse style kerosene heaters for indoor locations like the holiday cabins and the glazed porch at PV farmhouse?
  9. A horse designed by comittee would be a camel. Let Raph and the team control the development and design of their game on their own.
  10. Livestream gameplay of a community chosen new run the day after Steadfast Ranger update ... watch out especially for the silly doggies battle starting around 03:27:30 and the surprise discovery as I return to base from the Coastal ice.
  11. Whilst the revolver aiming is performing how I could expect as a user, both the bow and the rifle are aiming high to the left - that is, the shot falls low and to the right from the point of aim. With the rifle, if you stand 20 paces from the side of an in-game mailbox and aim at the top left corner of the side panel, the shot will hit the bottom right corner. That's about an 8 to 10 degree deviation. This is consistent over 10 test shots fired. The bow is suffering a similar deviation. Shots fired head on at the forehead of a docile decoyed wolf with the bow will always graze down the right side (viewed) of it's face or graze its right side (viewed) flank. To hit the wolf "in the face" at 20 paces, you have to aim to the left of its (as viewed) left ear tip. All shots fired at full health and energy with no hunger or thirst, on flat ground terrain so the shot trajectory should have been level flight. Further deviancy can be seen in how wolves react to being shot - I recommend you watch the first eleven minutes after this timestamped video point - I am not the only streamer/youtuber who has presented this same wolf behaviour in online content.
  12. Recording videos for youtube today in Wintermute Episode 2 ... so far I can confirm the following from the Survival Mode Steadfast Ranger update have appeared in Wintermute ... Sprain warning system and healing mechanics Revolver ammunition Birch Bark Tea Character puffing and panting and whinging and whining while overloaded, rested, fed & watered ... and standing still indoors. Not yet found a revolver on Mystery Lake (logging camp, upper dam & trailers, dead prisoners along the river, rail cars on the tracks, or camp office). Will be searching further when fog lifts - Jeremiah's rifle is 11% condition and not yet found a cleaning kit.
  13. Yup - something not right with the aiming mechanism on revolver, rifle and bow (not got flare pistol yet to try it) - not sure exactly what, but something is "off".
  14. The rifle aim tuning needs looked at too unfortunately - can't hit a deer at 20 paces while stationary (both of us) and crouched, but can hit a wolf at 100 yards with an aimed revolver shot. Also the bow aiming is off - shots keep sliding down the right hand side (as viewed) of wolves trotting in to pick up a decoy - even from as close as 10 yards away.