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  1. finally I received 1.74 via Windows Store 🤩
  2. Question to UWP (Windows Store app) - Is that still getting the updates? I did not get the updates now for two or three releases. I'm still on Version: 1.69.57923.2
  3. I got it on my Xbox One X right now in that moment. (Switzerland) - But not yet on my Computer (Windows Store app) On My Computer I still have 1.55 48657 () UWP Release
  4. Hi all, I have received the Update as a UWP Windows 10 Store app. It has updated now to Version: 1.48.47675.2 Will test it later. If there are any issues, I will report it over the preferred way ;-) Not in the forum.
  5. Thanks @Hinterland :-) Now I received the update to 1.37!
  6. You can also drop the raw meat to the ground and then select and "move" the meat from the ground to the plain cooking surface, that works for me and is more or less fast when you have to cook more than one piece of meat.
  7. @admin Will the update also be available for Windows 10 UWP Store app? I'm still on Version: 1.35.38054.2 and not able to see the update package in the store if I search for updates.
  8. Hi Team, Will there be a updated overview map published by you officially including milton and all other new added areas so far? I've added the old one as a reference. That would be really helpful! (Probably also again with Episode 3 and beyond marked areas for anticipation :-))
  9. instead of first adding the raw meat to the radial menu and then put it from there to the cooking place, you can also lay down all raw meat in your inventory and grab it from the ground and put it to the grill. I do that one as it is faster in my eyes. But still your idea is valid.
  10. Idea: Launch a "kickstarter" or any other campaign to collect money to develop a multiplayer mode? Hinterland makes an estimation what it would cost, and then start the campaign. Let's say it costs 100k, then try to achieve 50-80k and let it run for about 1-3 Months. Rest of the money you collect by selling the addition as a DLC (or add-on) for 1-3$ All Players who are interested can buy it. Rest is not affected from Multiplayer mode if they don't like it.
  11. Received 1.35 on XBox One, but nothing on my Windows 10 Computer. Try to be patient
  12. Xbox Update always includes UWP app for Windows 10 as well, right?
  13. Thanks. That means, 1.34 will never reach Xbox and you patch directly from villigant flame to 1.35 on xbox / UWP?
  14. Great Update Hinterland Team! Happy to see it makes so good progress! That one I've reported :-) Good to see, that it is now fixed ;-)