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  1. Shardul's 500 day Interloper challenge jeopardized by sneaky bear.
  2. Use the flare gun as your primary self-defense weapon.
  3. Sprains are indeed on the frequent side but easy to get rid of. Sleep, pop-a-pill, or drink a tea and you're good to go.
  4. Excited about the new changes coming in December! The craftable hat will be a nice treat. I wonder if it's made with a mountain lion pelt? ?
  5. I despise Hush. The ice caves got old real quick. You go to Hush to collect resoures and get out ASAP. The weather will wreck your gear. If you like to suffer, then it's the place you want to be.
  6. You are exhausted if you popped a stem. You should sleep to improve carrying capacity first.
  7. Parts of Carter Hydro Dam should be avoided during an aurora.
  8. I'd like to be able to hunt or trap more animals. Ptarmigan being the official bird for a few places in Canada would be a good fit for this game.
  9. I used to avoid exploring at night on my custom game. That is no longer the case after playing 4DON..
  10. It's definitely an unfinished candy bar. I got spooked myself.
  11. Found 1 at PV Homestead and 1 at the store in PV. I wasn't willing to venture out any further during the blizzard to find more.
  12. I was secretly hoping the mountain lion would make it's debut in this event.
  13. Day 1 was the best while day 4 the worst. I spent most of the two hours on Day 4 inside the PV barn then made a break for the farmhouse out of pure boredom. I still enjoyed the event!